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  1. BermudaRum

    Super Pola become Sirena Market Sosúa soon

    Extending a store size is one thing, however if you do not increase the product selection, as well as making sure the availability of its present range, then all you are doing is putting lipstick on a pig.
  2. BermudaRum

    The DR is better than Florida?

    I lived just north of you outside of Naples for over 20 yrs. after my parents immigrated from Bermuda to the US. My sister has over 50 yrs in the same area. I say outside because only retirees and snowbirds live in Naples. The coast line from Bonita Springs to Marco Island is to die for, and the...
  3. BermudaRum

    Punta Cana Lowest Prices All Year

    The late Robin Williams explained golf this way in one of his stage shows. WARNING...... Profanity
  4. BermudaRum

    Waiting for Kenyans to arrive?

    Rinse and Repeat :whistle:
  5. BermudaRum

    First Class

    I met a young lady once while sitting in first class that for 3 plus hours that never stopped talking about her family's wealth, and the companies they owned. As the plane was flying over Bermuda and about to land she asked me what did I do for a living. I told her I do not work, and to look out...
  6. BermudaRum

    First Class

    How long is a piece of string?
  7. BermudaRum

    Drug families control narcotrafficking in the south

    Another situation in the DR that you can use the saying; “the fox guarding the henhouse” ;)
  8. BermudaRum

    Symbolic crackdown on five Chinese businesses for tax evasion

    I always buy the the counterfeit cologne for men as the chicas in Sosua tell me that I smell like a million pesos ;)
  9. BermudaRum

    Dominican woman is hijacked and killed in Orlando, FL.

    Big, Lucifer, maybe its time to settle this feud :unsure:
  10. BermudaRum

    Anyone here know David G. Knight?

    bachata, this article from Detrás del rumor was translated in English states the driver of the car caused the accident with a long gun in his hands, after hitting the motorist who was traveling on his path normally. Any idea what this means? Thanks Accidente cobra la vida de un ciudadano...
  11. BermudaRum

    Global Golf DR

    If anyone needs directions, Global Golf is located next to Sosua Self Storage which is across the street from (Sosua Best Condos) The Palms.
  12. BermudaRum

    Alexa for us seniors

    Technology and real senior moments. During the covid saga I had to set up my 87 yr old mother a zoom church meeting because they were closed for Sunday services. The service is about to start and my mom is in her Sunday's best, or I thought she was. While sitting on the couch with the lab top...
  13. BermudaRum

    Global Golf DR

    Congrats on the soft opening. 👏 One question; Sawgrass #17, do I get my ball back if I hit into the drink? 🤣
  14. BermudaRum

    Baby Products - Puerto Plata

    Try the Colibri Kids Store in Puerto Plata , address C. Emilio Prud'Homme 34, tel 829-881-5037
  15. BermudaRum

    Amazon Firestick

    I find creating my own favorite menu the best way to search what I want to watch with TIVI Mate
  16. BermudaRum

    Amazon Firestick

    TiviMate's app is pretty good also with its channel selection, as well as the search button.
  17. BermudaRum

    Chicken Etiquette in the DR

    Order a couple of these from Amazon (photo below) for outside, and problem solved.
  18. BermudaRum

    Ronel Blanco pitches earliest no-hitter in MLB history

    They should have said after 2 years playing in the ML for the Astros, he pitched a no-hitter. Born: 31 August 1993 (age 30 years), Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic Current team: Houston Astros (#56 / Pitcher) Date joined: 2022 (Houston Astros) Minor Leagues Seasons (7) for 8...
  19. BermudaRum

    What type of snake?

    Only if he has a Credit Card ;)
  20. BermudaRum

    The members of the Haitian Presidential Transitional Council chosen, what’s next?

    If the council and other are in the National Palace tonight, its time to get out as Barbecue is getting ready to burn it down..