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  1. PCMike

    Electric Cars in the DR

    The same argument was likely made about gasoline cars back in the early 1900's by those who figured that the horse and buggy was the best way forward.
  2. PCMike

    Former Resort?

    Roco Ki, near Macao. Sitting dormant. I know the caretaker.
  3. PCMike

    Dominicans in Las Terrenas are fed up with Haitians

    I am not French, but you have issues with the French? Please explain.
  4. PCMike

    Symbolic crackdown on five Chinese businesses for tax evasion

    Remember when we thought everything from the J.A Pan company was shit. Remember "Jap Scrap"?
  5. PCMike

    Symbolic crackdown on five Chinese businesses for tax evasion

    I am typing with a wireless Logitech guessed it! Suzhou, China
  6. PCMike

    how far to saona island

    Where are you staying in Punta Cana? From the airport you are looking at an hour's drive, not including the pee break that many take along the way. If in Bavaro, add 20 minutes and Uvero Alto, 40 minutes.
  7. PCMike

    Dominican Republic expects 12 million tourists in 2024; concerns about growing too fast

    I am with Haitians literally every day. Where I see the difference is the "desire" to learn the language. Given the potential for growth and advancement in Punta Cana for those who speak a 2nd or 3rd language, most Dominicans think that "hello" and "thank you" make them bilingual. Haitians on...
  8. PCMike

    Daytime Running Lights

    As of late I actually prefer those with next to no lights over the super high-intensity lights these idiots are now blinding you with. Digisett pulling anyone over for having illegally bright headlights...go figure.
  9. PCMike

    The Most Famous Serbian in the DR

    Damed...I thought this was going to be about our very own Pete Rendic!...aka..6pack Pete...and then Re-Pete.
  10. PCMike

    Thousands apply to join the Police; new wages and perks motivate young people

    Locally in Punta Cana, the wage increase has not brought a higher calibre of officers, at least to Digisett. Same inefficiencies and money-grabbing tactics as always.
  11. PCMike

    Cedula Renewal Punta Cana

    What I hated most was the drive and the traffic to get there...then no place to park within 3/4 of a mile. I never made it through the process in less than an hour. Everyone I met had a totally bored look on their faces. Another thing, unlike in Santo Domingo, I did not have to dress like I was...
  12. PCMike

    Cedula Renewal Punta Cana

    Last August I had my permanent residency renewed. All went great. I neglected to drive to the west side of the city to stand in that hellhole of a JCE building to renew my cedula. I figured it has little value anyway. Well today, I happened to be in the area of the JCE in Veron (Punta Cana)...
  13. PCMike

    Cabrera Gets A Famous Movie Star For A Neighbor

    I hear this often, but to the contrary, at least in Punta Cana, there seems to be no problem selling. 2 of my friends have sold places within a month of listing them, without discounting. Things might be different on the north coast, of course.
  14. PCMike

    Refinery study indicates probable oil and gas deposits

    That was in the Rio Sanate just west of Higuey.
  15. PCMike

    BOTTOM'S UP Inside the all-inclusive island resort with in-room margarita stations, 15 restaurants and swim up bar

    I can tell you as someone in the business, that Margaritaville has been a disappointment. As a Parrothead, I would like to say otherwise, but a flop. The place is seldom even close to capacity, even during high season. Another will be ceasing operations. That shows how well the...
  16. PCMike

    Luis Abinader and Raquel Arbaje: The country’s loving couple

    After 16 years together...I beg to differ.
  17. PCMike

    New hotels for Puerto Plata?

    $410 almost every day in February and March (high season) with American. Check Google Flights. Google Flights POP-MIA
  18. PCMike

    President Abinader: Better roads, no more international airports

    In the last glory days of POP I worked at the resorts on the north side. Most catered to Butlins class British tourists (no disrespect) and Canadians looking for a bang for the buck deal in the sun. Many resorts had little to no reinvestment, with a noticeable lack of maintenance. When they...
  19. PCMike

    Help with Sports, football coverage with iPad…?

    this works great...