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  1. sepahunt22

    Renewing driver's license

    I always renew my Dominican license in Nagua because the INTRANT office is never crowded and you’re in and out fast. I make the appointment online ahead of time and then take a ride out there the day prior and stay in Hotel Sinaí which is walking distance from the INTRANT office. I’m due to...
  2. sepahunt22

    Renew Drivers License

    Nagua is where I always renew my license. There’s never a line and you’re in and out fast.
  3. sepahunt22

    Vaccine Card Not Valid Outside DR

    You actually give the corrupt Dominican police your Dominican license when they stop you? Try giving them your American driver’s license (or that of whatever country you’re from) and pretend that you speak no Spanish and watch how quickly they wave you on without tickets and bribe requests...
  4. sepahunt22

    COVID Mandates

    What “mistruths “? Even Fauci and the director of the CDC admit that the vaccines don’t stop infections AND that the vaccinated can spread it to others. They finally admitted it after first saying that it had a 90% effective rate and that masks weren’t necessary for the vaccinated. There are...
  5. sepahunt22


    Are there any rental car agencies near Las Américas Airport that are like the ones in Sosúa (such as OK Motors) who rent decent cars at fair prices? Rentals directly from the Airport have become ridiculously expensive, like almost $100 per day for even what would be considered a economy car like...
  6. sepahunt22


    Thank you VERY Much for this information. I contacted a lawyer in Santiago that I know (Dolly Cabrera) and I’ll mention this Superintendencia de Bancos to her.
  7. sepahunt22


    I have had a savings account with Banreservas since April 2013 and during all these years I have never had any problems. On December 28th, 2020 I was looking at my balance on the Banreservas application and I saw an unauthorised charge for $26,085 Dominican pesos. I had left the DR on December...
  8. sepahunt22

    Taxi From AILA To Sosua

    They charge $220 to deliver a car to SDQ on top of the rental fee. I found a driver who will do it for $110 USD.
  9. sepahunt22

    Taxi From AILA To Sosua

    I am looking for a driver who could take me from the Las Americas Airport in Sto Dgo to the car rental agency called OK Motors in Sosua, Puerto Plata upon my arrival the first week of October. My plane will arrive at 9:15am in the morning. If anyone knows a trustworthy taxi driver that would...
  10. sepahunt22

    DR is on list of countries that will receive University of Oxford Covid-19 vaccination

    Tuskegee Experiments a la Dominicana and WILLINGLY this time.
  11. sepahunt22

    Global Hydroxychloroquine study collection

    Outpatient Study Finds that Combination of Zinc, Hydroxychloroquine, and Azithromycin Is Associated with Less Hospitalizations and Death for COVID-19 Patients
  12. sepahunt22

    Physicians argue for reinstating restrictive measures

    A 31 year old coworker of mine got it. For 24 hours he had a fever of 100 degrees and a headache. The next day it all cleared up and nothing more. Later in the week he noticed his sense of taste and smell were not normal but that cleared up too and now he's back to work. His 57 year old mother...
  13. sepahunt22

    When will DR open for International travel??????

    The same week....the EXACT same week...that Fauci said that deaths in America would be in the MILLIONS by June he published an article in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) saying that in all likelihhod Covid-19 would be equal to a bad influenza season: "If one assumes that the number...
  14. sepahunt22

    Presidency requests to extend the National State of Emergency

    The numbers of Covid deaths have been tampered with in all nations, most especially the U.S., Canada and Western Europe for political reasons. It took three months of this pandemic before I finally knew several people who caught Coronavirus. Two are neighbors , and one is a coworker. Before...
  15. sepahunt22

    Rental Car In Punta Cana

    Can anyone recommend a trustworthy car rental company in Punta Cana in or around the airport? When I’m on the North Coast of the DR I always rent from OK Motors in Sosúa as they’re trustworthy and affordable. Is there any rental company like that in Punta Caña? I’ll be flying into PUJ on...
  16. sepahunt22

    Internment Of Cremains In Sosúa Municipal Cemetery

    Who do I have to contact about burying cremated remains at the Sosúa Municipal Cemetery? I can’t find a phone number or e-mail address for them. I would be bringing the remains into the DR from the United States. The deceased had requested to be buried in the Dominican Republic on the North...
  17. sepahunt22

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) on the North Coast?

    Is there any place on the North Coast where I can get an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) of the abdomen done or will I have to drive to Santiago? And if I have to go to Santiago can anyone tell me of a good place there to have it done and what the out of pocket cost might be in pesos? Thanks...
  18. sepahunt22

    Public Transportation from Santo Domingo to Maimón, Monseñor Nouel

    What is the best way to get to Maimón in Monseñor Nouel from Santo Domingo via public transportation? I normally drive there but I don't feel like paying for a rental car on this trip.