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    Migracion Ley 285-04 - Details

    When the Guzman lawyers come to the board and give their opinion on matters relating to Immigration Law, they generally end their posts with a disclosure that there was a new Ley 285-04 passed in 2004, but it is not yet in effect. They indicate that once it is put in place, then everything will...
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    Processing time for RESIDENCIA TEMPORAL

    Hello, Of course there are accounts of other people's experiences with this, but has anyone here RECENTLY applied for residencia temporal ? How long did it take to receive it ? Thank you, *** Dear Moderator, I know this topic has been discussed historically, but this post is specifically...
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    Dominican Birth Certificate

    Hello. Do all newly naturalized citizens get a Dominican Birth Certificate? Does it say where the person was born? I find it odd that some people get new birth certificates. Thanks,
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    How to become a notary in Dominican Republic ?

    Hello... the title says it all. How does a new-comer go about becoming a notary in DR ? Is there a special university degree or is it something like in the USA (quick 4 hour class and a short application)?
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    Residencia Application to Be Submitted

    Does one really need to make an appointment that takes months to get in order to submit an application for Residencia Temporal ? My first time there, I'll only be in the country for a month. My friend there went and purchased the application for me. I've got my Certificado de No Antecedentes...
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    First-time DR Visitor - Do I really need onward travel ticket ?

    Hi.. do I really need to have a return ticket when entering DR ? I can get a 1-way ticket, now, for just 200 USD. I'd like to pay the return ticket later. I don't know exactly when I'd like to return home.
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    Driving in DR with US-Suspended Licenses (Policia question)

    When Americans visit the Dominican Republic, as I understand, our licenses are valid for a short period of time - based on our dates of entry to the country. What happens if an American person has a license issued in one of the States (the physical card), but the license has been officially...