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    Armed robbery at Banco Popular branch in Santo Domingo

    Excellent disguise, very clever!
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    Foreigners Driving in The Dominican Republic

    I understand that too. However, they insured me with my passport and not my license. They've actually never even seen my license.
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    Another missionary killed in Haiti
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    Some Uber Driver tryed to rip off american Tourists at the Airport

    It's only happened to me once after landing at SDQ. Driver knew I didn't have internet and canceled the trip mid-ride. He had some app that resembled uber and the price was higher than expected but there was traffic and i didn't think anything of it or have a chance to verify in the app. When i...
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    All colmados should have an armed guard.

    I do not disagree that my city has it's issues. I exercise more caution when home than when I am in DR.
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    All colmados should have an armed guard.

    In DR, from what i understand, you are likely to go to jail if you kill someone if you are not in immediate danger. As he was running away, he probably would've been in a world of trouble. I do not think laws are based on common sense here but i respect them as a foreigner. If someone is...
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    All colmados should have an armed guard.

    If he would've killed the robber he probably would've went to jail.
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    Too Many Cars - what will the government do?

    I agree with you! They're one of the biggest issues. They do routers and back up traffic. You're right la nunez was the best example. They had allocated a few drivers to drive the buses. They allowed the drivers to bust the windows out of the buses and still let them come out victorious after...
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    Too Many Cars - what will the government do?

    100% I think last year or the year before they wanted to implement car inspections here. I don't know how'd they pull it off either. Plus, the unions are very powerful. I am unsure how they'd get all of those junk public cars off the road.
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    Too Many Cars - what will the government do?

    I agree with with many people's arguments, that importing from Korea allowed many working and middle-class families to afford cars but they do need a solution. It's in theory too late. The same with the article that wanted to reduce the amount of motorcycles imported. The damage is already done...
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    Too Many Cars - what will the government do?

    One issue they could've solved was when they started importing the Korean cars. The theory was to replace the old beater public cars from the 80's and 90's. Now there's both.
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    Francelys Furcal: Woman accused of killing her boss deported from Spain

    Of course she didn't have the money. I just wanted to know who pulled the strings. I think the government was in a bad position since there was video and public outcry. They couldn't be lenient in the eyes of the Chinese or come down too heavy in the eyes of the Dominican people.
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    Francelys Furcal: Woman accused of killing her boss deported from Spain

    This is still one of the most bizarre cases I've seen in my time here.
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    A Dominican posted this perspective on FB

    I do agree that foreigners should be cautious of their complaints. It's ignorant to constantly complain and continue to subject yourself to things you dislike. It's very obvious we all have our issues and hold certain distaste for things, but in reality it's much better than our home countries...
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    Crackdown on Chinese business violators

    Absolutely right. I am curious about the sudden crack downs. The Chinese were seemingly untouchable for some time but seems interest may be shifting. Last year when Dominicans who import light fixtures were complaining about unfair competition the government didn't bat an eye
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    Rice Have Heavy Metals in it???

    I stopped paying attention when they did a segment on "why cold water may be bad for you" I avoid processed foods and live my life.
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    Public school teachers strike to protest for 20% raise

    Some of those teachers are getting paid upwards of 90k pesos. They received a huge increase around 2016 to attract better teachers and rival most private schools (excluding the capital). I understand many of the schools are understaffed but what job is perfect?
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    EPS TV Amazon Duty/Tax

    I believe it used to be under 39 inches and less than 200 dollars you wouldn't pay taxes. At EPS, the dimensions do not matter according to the agent last time i asked. Only the price. But now, TV's aren't as expensive here as they were years ago. Unless it's some extremely crazy deal i don't...
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    Thousands apply to join the Police; new wages and perks motivate young people

    I've had very good experiences with MOPC. To the point where I was left wondering where did they find these people. I crashed my car once near la romana. Waited with me for hours wouldn't take a penny.
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    Uber and Pedidos Ya workers protest

    I do live in the city.