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    breast cancer

    hi , I need some information on breast cancer . how the treatment are good in DR ? how much for treatment like chemotherapy or radiotherapy? name of good doctor ? we are currently waiting the result of biopsy of my mother-in-law. she live in dajabon city but the doctor she see is from a...
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    what airplane with a 4 month baby is better from montreal

    I come back next month to POP with my little boy of 4 month and I want to know what airplane is better to take ? I am asking because I only know air transat and maybe the confort will be better with a other compagny. thank you
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    send money from dr to canada

    hi ! for some reason I have to go back to canada in february 2008 for some month. my question is : 1- can I use a atm card from banco popular from canada? 2- can my boyfriend give me one atm card from his account from banco popular? we look to a sample and cheapper way he can send me money...
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    tv cable in pop?

    hello everyone, what happen with the tv cable in pop ? it s not working for 9 day for me. it s is all puerto plata or just some place? thank
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    Common-law partner /visa canada

    hi I will like to know if someone have do it that way for asking a visa for the canada ? I live in dr and could be a futur possibility for me so I will like to know experience of people who have do it that way. I have some question about the process too but will wait to see if i have answer...
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    waiting 3 month to have internet at home ???

    hi everyone , I go today to the main office of verizon in POP for asking to have a phone lign and internet at home. with my passport I could have the phone right now but have to wait 3 month to have internet .it is always like that ? everybody have to wait 3 month to have internet at home ...
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    apartment in POP

    Hi everybody , i will be in POP next sunday (september 24) for a long stay ( 6 month to up to a life)... I renting something for the 2 first week but I will need to find a apartment after. I know the better way is to be there and ask around but I take my chance of asking here too. it s not my...
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    Medical Insurance

    hi everybody , I need some advice about medical insurance. I come live for a long stay in puerto plata . I am a woman of 27 year old and dont have any kind of problem of health. I come from of canada. what is better for me? taking a insurance like blue cross for the first 6 month ( I can t buy...
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    location aguaceros restaurant

    hi everybody , I want to know where is located the aguaceros restaurant in puerto plata. I know is on the malecon but near which street ? and a other question : this area is safe to live for a single women because I could rent a appartment near the aguaceros restaurant on the malecon ? thank...
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    travelling soon ....question about passport

    I will go to POP on march 20 for 1 week and my passport will be finish on april 25. do I need to get a new one before my holiday or it s will be ok? I know some country ask for your passport still be good for a period of 6 month after your return date . what about dr ? I did not have problem...
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    festival latino-american of montreal

    the first festival latino-american of montreal have started here in montreal at jean drapeau park.each day will be a different country . dominican republic will be on august 13 . 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm. if my memory is good is cost around 10 $ for enter the site . it s will be great if we could...
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    advice for interview

    hi everyone, I will like to know if someone on this board are rep for a tour operator because I have a interview this week.I look for some advice can help me for the interview. thank you caro
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    address puerto plata airport

    hello I try to find the address of puerto plata airport and I can t found ....someone can help me please.I look for a web site address thank you
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    Stolen Money (Banco Popular)

    I just coming back to my home because I was stolen for 5000 canadian money in my account.I was there for 3 month when I see what is happening.the problem is when I was talking with my bank he told me I don t have to do anything overthere just coming back to my home and sign some paper.but now my...
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    medical insurance

    I know this question was asked before but when I do my search I don t find the I come from montreal ,canada and I need information for medical insurance because I come for sure 3 month and may be one where I can find a good medical insurance for long stay???do you know some...
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    I come live for one year ...what about the situation?????

    hello everyone I come to live for one year in next april but now I have many question about de situation in dr now.first I come living in puerto plata . I planning to have a budget of 650 $ us by month for place to live , food...but no you think in ok right now???I know then now we have...
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    I come for 3 month and up

    hi everyone I come in april for 3 month and up and I need some information.... the last november I was coming one month for see if I like to live there outside the all inclusive and for look if is a good idea for thinking about living there more time . the experience was very good so I will...
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    question about cellular

    hello everyone I want to know when you using cellular with codetel card do you pay when someone calling you? do you just take minute on your card when you make a call or for both thank a lot
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    renting apartement in puerto plata city area

    hello I need a appartement for 3 week in november (8 to 29) in puerto plata city area. I much is it for 2 bedroom not so far of the beach?where or who i can find the information ? someone can help me ?other question i much i need for the food for 3 week?thank you for your help and if you have...