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    Am I still welcomed here?!?!

    Well...hello back, DR1... Just wondering if I'm still allowed to post here... I know it's been a while...but after getting married almost 3 years ago... I've had VERY LITTLE time to come back to post... Is there anyone still here that vaguely remembers me?!?! ;)
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    Oldest Mlb Player Ever To Hit A Homerun...?julio Franco Retires!

    FOX Sports on MSN - MLB - What do you all think? My husband says he's not 49...that he's probably been playing for 49 years!!!! :cheeky: Great player...I admire him anyway...regardless of his actual age!!! :)
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    First Trip Back As Husband And Wife

    My husband just celebrated his first year living in the USA, and next week we're going back to DR for the first time as husband and wife... But I have a little problem I need someone to shed a light on... We were discussing whether to bring gifts to family and friends, or give them the good...
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    Cleef...I guess we're not the only ones, you and I...

    The Official Site of Major League Baseball: News: Major League Baseball News
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    EL SUCIO de ME-ROD!!!

    Did anyone see el sucio de Me-Rod and that play yesterday against the Red Sox??? You have got to admit...the man is a total axxhole!!!!!! Anyone care to comment??? Mrs. MQ
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    And we'll live happily ever after...

    After 27 months...I finally married my prince! MRS. MQ
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    I want my own blog!!!

    Unfortunately, I can't get one...I can't log in with my screenname or create a new account...this is what I get... Page Error! We?re sorry, but there is no Web page matching your entry. It is possible that you typed the address incorrectly, or that the page no longer exists. You may...
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    An update just in case anyone is interested....

    Almost two years (exactly one day less of the date we met, January 24th, 2005...) to the dreams have come true...and Tony is finally here in the United States with me...!!!:cheeky: The process was long, hard and expensive...the most difficult time was the actual interview with the...
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    Lotto Winner!!!

    Taken from the News right here on DR1...Two minutes after finding out they were more work!!! Typical Dominicans!!!:cheeky: ;) This makes my day!!!:bunny: MQ
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    La Base Sports Bar

    Please, someone in SDQ...I need the phone number for this place...any help? Thanks!!! MQ (Tony is working and can't look it case you're wondering :cheeky: ;) ) MQ
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    I'm making my...???? trip to week, from July 22 to the 26...:bunny: :nervous: Other than what's posted on the "Calendar" here on there anything else interesting going on in the capital?:cheeky: Music festivals? Concerts?;) Appreciate the input...:laugh: Thanks! MQ
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    2006 Home Run Derby

    Well, David Ortiz made good on his promise to raise money for charity...he hit pretty good last night...:cheeky: But how about our little Miguel Cabrera? First time participating and he didn't do too bad, uh?;) I really thought he could make it to the finals...except Howard had other...
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    I Just Had A Good Laugh!!!!

    Look at this picture, and tell me if this man can be critizicing anyone??? Do you REALLY think that all those 'beautiful young girls' you 'date' are with you for your good looks???? Hahahahahahahhahahah!!!!! :cheeky: :laugh: :laugh: Give me a break!! Viejo, gordo y calvo!!!!:laugh::laugh: I...
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    Sanky Panky: The Musical

    Has anyone read this? Anybody care to comment???:cheeky: MQ
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    Semana Santa 2006 in Nagua

    Ok...just got back from DR... I will upload some pics but I had a new camera and most of the pics came out blurry...Tony was right, should have bought the camera way before the trip in order to read all the instructions beforehand! (I hate to admit when he's right!) :cheeky: Anyway...the trip...
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    Hotels in Nagua

    I have the names and #'s of 4 hotels in Nagua, ApartHotel Central (no vacancies) Bella Vista, Gran Madrid and Sinai... Bella Vista and Sinai have vacancies and are not expensive at all...Sinai is 2 blocks from the beach... Does anyone have any idea on what these places look like and how secure...
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    Baby's Crying Again!!! Read and have a good laugh...Will his wining ever stop???:paranoid: :cheeky: :bored: :devious: :bandit: :angry: :laugh: :confused: :cross-eye :mad: MQ
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    Heeeeere's Jan!!!

    For all the DR1ers. that might be wondering what our good friend Jan, the Dominicana Gringa is up to these days... Check this out... You can help her out by checking out the links on the site...believe me, I've talked to her...she's in Mars, PA right...
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    How Messy Is It At The Airport On Christmas Day?

    I will be arriving via AA on Sunday 12/25...YEAH!!! :classic: How bad is the situation at the airport going through customs and immigration on Christmas Day? Any advice will be appreciated...but no funny comments, please! :bandit: MQ
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    Comments On This...

    From the Listin Diario happened in Montevideo, Uruguay... Do you guys that live in DR think this will be good for the country? MQ