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    Is Passions reopening?

    A little birdie told me that Passions will be open again very soon. Don't know if the source is reliable and really don't care either way..just passing some info on. Maybe Cuba dave is coming home:D
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    Hey llana!! where is the police????

    Ok, I am far from a Sosua basher, and i am always the first guy to defend the place.. But i have to be honest here..Now that llana Neumann and her beer selling partner have celebrated their victory over that shiester Victor, I think it is time that they get to work and bring in some more police...
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    I guess that the Clasicos disco in Sosua has come up with the ultimate way to take advantage of the Gingo Tourist.. A few of my buddies were in town last weekend, so i met up with them for a few days in Sosua..It first started with the increase to 150 pesos to get in the disco..I can live with...
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    Sorry Curt and Sandy

    O.K, first of all i would like to say i was praying every day for our friend D'Arcy's safe return, and yes our lord answered our prayers. Sure it is nice that everyone is posting all their welcome back, and encouraging messages on DR1. But I Appoint myself the official in charge of the S.C.A.S...
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    Fyi...everyone has game in the dr

    After reading so many post on this forum where all these guys brag about their conquest of young dominican girls, {you guys know who you are} and reading all your bragging and comments like dont hate the player hate the game, or whatever your claim to stud status is, i think that you guys need...
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    Shorts and flip flops- it must be a gringo

    This is not a joke when i am giving a plea do all you gringos in santiago to stop strutting around town with your shorts, flip flops and muscle tank tops. YOU GUYS stick out like a sore thumb. Please look around and notice that here in the DR your baywatch attire is for the beach only. Just...
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    Can you really bring one of these young girls home?

    Ok, I know this is going to seemlike a dumb post to people but i am very serious in finding out some advice from peoples past experiences with younger girls they have married and brought back to the states. The problem that i have is that i am a 40 year old a little better looking then average...
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    what is the best travelers medical insurance?

    does anyone know how or where to obtain the best travelers medical coverage in the dr. I have my insurance in the dr. but i have a lot of friends that vacation here and have no coverage here, and it was my nieces friends that were involved in that bad accident in puerta plata.
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    Has anyone heard about the accident in puerta plata with young americans

    Hi, does anyone have any info on a bad accident in puerta plata last night with 4 teenagers from rochester ny? My neice is down there with her friend family and about ten other kids. She called me today and said that 4 of her friends were in a bad accident last night after a night out on the...
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    Santo Domingo should be a seperate country

    Just joking, but seriously i'm sure many people agree with me that going to santo domingo is like going to another country.How could it be that everything is so differant then two hours down the road in santiago.The people,the crime, the crooked taxi drivers, the higher prices etc. etc.I know...
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    how can a american man settle down with one girl in the DR?

    I know this sounds like a crazy topic, but i dont understand how a average looking guy like me could ever settle down with one girl in the DR.It;s just way to easy to find way to many beautiful girls in this country. When i first became a part time resident of the DR. after a 18 year marriage...
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    Any opinions on meeting girls on websites in the DR.

    a good friend of mine came down to stay with me for a week in santiago about 6 months ago.He was coresponding with several girls on some dominican love websites and came to meet a few in person.Not being able to speak spanish he brought me along to translate for him with my chicken spanish. He...