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    Miss Universe, WTF!!!

    They stole the crown away from Miss Dominican Republic last night.:surprised Does anyone agree?? Totally highway robbery!
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    How to be a tiguere

    Just found this on lol Be A Tiguere -
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    Need spanish word for "Rockfish"

    My office cafeteria is having a Dominican Menu today and they have all the usual dominican dishes. I stumbled upon a menu item which I didn't know the spanish word for. Does any one know the spanish word for rockfish???
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    Nice little story (and video) from NYTimes

    The New York Times > Log In
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    Article in todays Wall Street Journal about Junot Diaz

    CULTURAL CONVERSATION With Junot D?az He Finds His Readers -- and Acclaim He Finds His Readers -- and Acclaim - Excellent Article!
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    Series del Caribe

    Why is Puerto Rico not playing this year?????
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    Pollos Victorina burned to the floor

    Last night the first ever pollos victorina store to open in the US (Washington Heights, NYC) was completely destroyed in a 3 alarm fire along with two other stores. Officials say the fire started in Pollos Victorina.
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    Another Dominican Author

    Hi guys, Here is an amazing book I just finished reading. It is by Angie Cruz, The name of the book is "Let it rain coffee". Of course the title was inspired by the popular song "Ojal? que llueva caf? en el campo" by Juan Luis Guerra. Definitely a good read!
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    Urban Camouflage

    I love the vending machine camouflage. Urban Camouflage The New York Times > World > Slide Show > Urban Camouflage > Slide 1 of 10
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    Lesson learned:Don't skip ahead!!

    A guy dies and arrives in hell. He's met by the devil, who tells him that everyone in hell picks how they want to spend the next 1,000 years. The devil leads the guy to room after room of torture, each one even more unspeakable than the one before it. In one room the condemned are screaming...
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    Need English word cana!

    Hi guys, I am trying to translate "Punta Cana" for a co-worker. I know punta can be translated in english as "point" or maybe "cape" but If I use a literal translation for cana, transates into "grey hair". Altogether it will be "Grey hair point" (thus not very appaeling) Can someone give me a...
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    The brief wondrous life of oscr wao

    Hi guys, I thought I told you about this great book. "The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao" by Junot Diaz. Junot Diaz is a Dominican writer who was rasied in NJ. I had the pleasure of meeting him when he wrote his first book "Drown". This book is a great read for those who love dominican...
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    The funniest!!

    What is She Talking About? Miss Teen South Carolina - Video
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    Dominican Dynamos

    The New York Post featured the top 20 Dominicans in the Big Apple. Great showcase!!! DOMINICAN DYNAMOS | By SANDRA GUZMAN and GRACE BASTIDAS | Spanish Culture | Hispanic Culture | Latino Culture Enjoy the article!
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    $5.00 Dollars

    :cheeky: A man is walking around New York with his wife. They find a perfume shop, the wife goes in, and he waits outside. A hooker comes along and says to him, "Like to come home with me, buddy?" "For how much?" asks the man. "One hundred dollars." "I'll give you five bucks." The girl...
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    Dominican mother and Son Gradute together @ Baruch College

    Dominican mother and Son Graduate together @ Baruch College: motherandsongraduates Go dominicanos!!
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    Up and coming Dominican Singer

    Hey guys Tought I shared this with you. This girl has talent, not to mention her looks... Her name is Kat de Luna. She is all over the radio with her hot top single: "Whine up" Listen to her single here: Kat DeLuna
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    New Aventura Video

    Is it me or the model in this video is identical to Amelia Vega????? Enjoy the video! Video Aventura - mi corazoncito video egm - aventura, corazoncito, video, egm - Dailymotion Share Your Videos
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    Musica Satanica!

    This article is about how the church and the agency that bans music from the radio work together. This is funny... I love when they ban music claiming that: "it violates the good customs of the dominican people" What a joke!! :cheeky: List?n Diario Digital - El peri?dico de los dominicanos
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    The funniest Video ever!!

    Where is the rent??? lol!!! Funny or Die ENJOY!