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    Implants Help

    I think I tried to post this question on the wrong thread... In any case it's vanished. I do want to ask if anyone has recommendations for good and cheap implant centers in SD. Thanks.
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    Your Favorite Fruit in The D.R.

    Yes tho I recall the price should be much cheaper
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    Dentists, implants current situation

    Hello all. Am not really a resident but this is a question for residents. A number of years ago one of the DR1 regulars referred me to a dentist in SD, for implants, and then I found another one in my own the next year and returned once a year over 7 years. I wonder if the pandemic has changed...
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    From DR to Cuba?

    Wondering what folks would recomend as far as getting from the DR to Cuba, esp cheap flights. For some of us the legality is complicated, but leaving that aside somewhat.... thanks!
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    new hotels & hostels, SD

    Greetings! Wanted to send my favorable review of a place I stayed this past week (end of January 2013). It's not the Ritz but that's not what I look for or can afford. The Hostel bookers only has space for the first paragraph & I am a long winded irishman in search of publication, a process that...
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    low cost dentists

    Hello all: I will be in SD in a week (enf of feb) and need to avail myself of cheap dentistry... a crown is loose and may need to be replaced. Sine I have been unemployed for some time, I am certainly looking for low rates. Any suggestions? Also-- will clinics etc be closed on Monday 2/27...