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    Shipping Gym Equipment

    I also have the googles dude… My old teammate owns a gym by my house in the states (Oak City Fitness). All of the items you mentioned are purchased with an SBA loan, not out of pocket. I know the game For what I’m using it for, It’ll be more than enough 😊 Enjoy your day!
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    Shipping Gym Equipment

    With all due respect Mr Manuel01, I’ve been an athlete my entire life and competed on every level. I started working out in the gym at 13. I know what commercial gym equipment costs. I also know when I’m being charged $2k for an item that isn’t worth $600. My exact setup in the US that costed me...
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    Shipping Gym Equipment

    A basic t2 power rack with cable add on, pull up bar etc. It has to have a removable bench as I would use the power rack for my squat and deadlifts. I actually found one on Facebook marketplace last week but it was nothing like advertised and he had it priced at $1700.
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    Toxic Generosity

    What do you do if you don’t mind me asking?
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    Interesting Interview: Jacinto Peynado (Porsche DR)

    Seriously though, there’s no way I’m buying a Porsche or any other sports car here really. First of all, most of them are almost double MSRP and the traffic and roads are too bad. I’d hate to have to replace a $4,000 carbon fiber wheel or $10,000 bumper.
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    Just a small example of what problems foreigners are facing here with real estate and corrupt lawyers.

    It makes no sense how long it takes simple things that should be simple to pass through the judicial system. Then you’d think paying someone to speed things up would work but it’s just setting you up to lose money more rapidly. For one of my cases, I literally could’ve enrolled in university...
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    Shipping Gym Equipment

    That would be nice but because of where my home is it takes an hour or more to get to my closest gym. There’s one on my street that literally has equipment falling apart. I tried it once and not only were the actual weights off, the bench I was using cracked so half of my body was leaning off of...
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    Government giving free title to residents renting the land from municipalities. ?

    I’m fighting this right now in San Pedro De Macorís. Father in law died ( not before we purchased his lot from him) and even with his signature beside a copy of his ID, my lawyer and 2 other witnesses that saw the signing and exchange of money, his “girlfriend”/ baby momma claimed the land. I’ve...
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    Domex. How long will this last?

    Does Domex ship at a flat rate by weight or are there other things that influence the price? Is there a max weight or dimension? I apologize if this question has been asked already. I did a web search and there’s like 5 different Domex websites.
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    Shipping Gym Equipment

    Hello, it’s been a very long time since I’ve been on here but glad to see it still exists! I’ve been looking for good quality equipment that I can purchase for my home gym. Everything that I’ve found is either ridiculously overpriced ($2500+USD). Or complete trash. I started looking into...
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    Making the move

    So I've been visiting the island for the last five years and (on average I stay for about a month every time I go) but as we all know, visiting conditions are not the same as normal living conditions. My reason for writing this is that I've been noticing more and more lately the difference in my...
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    ***container shipping***

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    Internet Service

    Could someone give me a good idea of where I can get service with decent download speeds for watching movies online (Netflix) and regular web surfing? I'm back in Santo Domingo this month and I've been trying to choose between Claro, Orange and Wind but, any suggestions would be kindly appreciated.
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    Pressure Tank

    Yes, I'm back once again with yet another inquiry. Could someone tell me where I can find a pressure tank (preferably precharged)? For some reason, even with the low water pressure around where I am, there's really no demand for pressure tanks I guess. Someone please help!
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    Hi, My name is Ron and I'm new to the site. I have been back and forth between the D.R and NY for years now. I have a beautiful fiancee that i've been with now for 5 years. We are in the process of starting and completing a couple projects on the island, and I figured 'what better way to find...
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    Homebuilding: Trim Work Interior and Exterior

    Does anyone here no of someone who does good work in the Capital? I've been searching the site for hours trying to find any hint of what i'm looking for but nothing shows up. I need someone for crown molding, chair rails, baseboards, window+door trim as well as exterior designs for window trim...
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    Hello and Thanks in Advance...

    Hello, I'm Ron. I'm new to this site and was wondering if there was anyone here who could answer a couple of questions that have been bugging me for a while. About me: I'm was born In America and am currently engaged to a Dominican woman. I plan on maybe retiring one day in DR, as we visit at...