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    Canadian Embassy in PUNTA CANA

    Did i just dreamed that or there is a Canadian Embassy in Punta Cana???? Canadian Offices in Dominican Republic
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    2nd medical Immigration Canada

    Do you know how long it could be when the second medical is done and passeport is dropped in the same day to have some news about the visa??? My husband went to redoo is medical on the form that Haiti send him. On the same day, he returned the medical and his passeport at santo domingo's...
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    Questions about Immigration Canada

    Married: january 30, 2008 Application Sent to Mississauga: May 22, 2008 Approved as Sponsor and papers sent to Haiti: June 19, 2008 Processing in haiti: October 17, 2008 Interniew : april 30, 2009 They never asked for more papers. Lady said to me to bring original of birth and marriage cert...