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    President Abinader gets his 4th Covid-19 vaccine

    You forgot to mention the public's strict adherence to all mandates, and the massive uptake numbers for the vax. 😂🤣 While you're flinging around the term extremist, consider 4 shots in 12 months, none of which prevents you from contracting or transmitting a virus that over 99% of the population...
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    Recent Departure from POP

    Left last night from POP to YYZ, had pretty much the same experience. I had the added pleasure of getting called to go watch the customs guys search one of my checked bags. My batteries and areosol cans didn't raise any eyebrows, although the dulce leche in my carry on was confiscated earlier at...
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    Scotiabank ATM problems using Scotiabank Debit card

    We were in Cabarete Thursday, had the same issue. Tried our card about 6 times, finally it worked after cycling the ads for about 5 seconds. Tried it a second time right after and couldn't get it to work again.