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    DR1 Facebook Page

    I wonder if Robert remembers he has this page on Facebook? No updates to it in over three years. :)
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    A concept motorcycle from India, for DR too?

    So here is a topic I came across on WIRED: Mutant Scooter From India Is a Pickup Truck on Two Wheels | Autopia | If the initial cost of the motorcycle was low enough, I wonder if something like this would be feasible for the DR. What would the price point really have to be to make it...
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    Semana Santa 2013 - Random Thoughts

    Some random thoughts on my latest visit to the Dominican Republic. These are particular to me, so YMMV.  This trip was primarily to visit family and friends during Semana Santa, March 23 to April 2. Whoever is paying US$40 to the taxis at the SDQ airport needs to be taken out and shot. I...
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    RSS Threads

    Before the changeover to this new setup I was able to get an RSS feed of all the new posts. Is there a way of getting that again with the new setup?
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    Jeep Rental in SDQ

    I heard that Budget might have some Jeeps for rent. Does anyone know if this is still the case or if there is another company that rents Jeeps in Santo Domingo?
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    Delta cutting back on direct flights ATL-SDQ

    Was checking out the pricing for a Santo Domingo trip in September and was amazed at the current pricing. ATL to SDQ through New York is about $385 round trip. ATL to SDQ direct was about $580 round trip. and there were only 2 direct flight from ATL to SDQ the first half of the month. Everything...
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    NY Times on Cheap Caribbean

    There is a picture associated with this article in the NY Times regarding La Casita de Don Alfredo in Cabarete. I was wondering if anybody could give an actual review of this place. Link to pics from article: Caribbean on the Cheap - The New York Times > Travel > Slide Show > Slide 8 of 12
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    36 Hours in Santo Domingo - NYTimes Article

    Here is a link to the New York Times article: 36 Hours in Santo Domingo, Capital of the Dominican Republic - Anyone wish to comment on the selections given by the New York Times reporter? :cheeky:
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    2009 Dominican Holidays

    Does anyone have the exact dates for Semana Santa in 2009? :cheeky:
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    Atlanta - Truck crashes into DR restaurant

    Just thought I'd paste the link to the story here. Just happened this morning: Truck Slams Into Gwinnett Restaurant - News Story - WSB Atlanta Not too far from where I live and work.
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    Squatters vs Land Owners

    Normally I stay out of capitalism/socialism/dictatorial type disputes. I tend to have some ideas and thoughts on how things could be done better depending on how governments behave. Though really for the most part in Latin America it can pretty well be summed up as to who is paying who. To put...
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    Pictures around Azua

    Here are some pics taken by Mirador around the Azua area: Flickr: Photos from dominican_pics
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    This does not happen in DR - Report: U.K. Thieves Steal $3,900 Worth of Sex Toys From Van - Business And Money | Business News | Financial News
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    A previous thread mentioned that a tannery was closed down due to pollution. I was wondering if there were other means of doing this in the DR which might have business potential. How about this: - About Us
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    Wind Power

    Alternative energy sources have always interested me. One of the websites I use to research the topic is and today they had an interesting link. Here is the direct link to the manufacturer and the product: Welcome to Mag-Wind - Affordable Clean Energy for Homes, Farms, &...
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    Here is something interesting that could help out in the DR. Hope it comes into market soon. The question I would like to know is the longevity of the fridge. Couldn't find anything on that point. SolarChill: About SolarChill
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    Making Charcoal

    Just thought I would post a link to a short 2 minute video I made by my fathers place in Azua. This video just gives a brief look at how the charcoal making process starts. It's a lot of work, for relatively little gain, and destroys the countryside. Sorry I didn't have the time to document the...
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    You Smell What?!
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    How to get more energy - naturally

    Interesting article explaining the use of Cayenne and lemonade as a natural energy drink. Anybody want to be a guinea pig and try it? :cheeky:
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    American Military Wargames in Mar Caribe

    OK, I was waiting to see if anyone was going to post this: and sit back and watch the thread explode. I started laughing just thinking about the conspiracy theories that were going to start. VENEZUELA we come for you. :cheeky: