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    Snorking in Bayahibe

    Hello, I would like to know how much cost to make snorking in Bayahibe, I have a friend staying in Juan Dolio and he wants to go to another place.
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    2 month apartment Rental

    I need info about who rent apartment in Santo Domingo, 2 month.
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    Apartment Rental for 2 month

    A friend of mine is into rent an apartment for 2 month, can some body help me with some info?
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    Salto del Limon

    How much will cost to go to Salto El Limon from Samana? any tours phone number?
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    Viva's Dealer Punta Cana Airport

    I'd like to know if in Punta Cana Airport we can find an Viva's Dealer like in Santo Domingo Airport?
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    Hotel Boutique Lomita Maravilla Las Terrenas

    This Hotel opened in March 06, and Las Terrenas is one the most beautiful beach in Dominican Republic Garden Hotel Lomita Maravilla - Las Terrenas Telf. 809.240.63.45 low season ( from 01 mayo to 24 junio, and 24 sept to 16 dic.) Accomodaton villa 3...
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    More Celebs looking to the east of DR

    List?n Diario (Edici?n Digital) Bienvenido Sorry it?s in Spanish. LA ROMANA.- La afamada cantante norteamericana Beyonce, quien vacaciona en el pa?s, se presentar? en el mes de septiembre en el anfiteatro Altos de Chav?n en un espect?culo ?en grande?, se supo ayer. La escultural morena...
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    Centennial Dominicana Sold

    Centennial Communications News Release Centennial Communications to Sell Dominican Republic Business WALL, NJ, Nov 22, 2006 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX News Network) -- Centennial Communications Corp. (NASDAQ: CYCL) ("Centennial") today announced that it has concluded its review of strategic and...
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    Hotel Carabela Bavaro

    Planning a day pass in Hotel Caravela Bavaro, Im going to go by bus, Would like to know if the hotel is far from the Main Entrance, I dont have car.
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    Electricity Serv.24/7 for El Seibo y Hato Mayor

    The EdeEste said that wont cut the service in El Seibo and Hato Mayor in an act in the Faro de Hicayagua Club in El Seibo declaring both cities as cities of 24 hrs electricity service. This has been possible because both comunities pay the bills. In the Deal signed by excecutives of the...
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    Numeric Portability on 2009? why not ends 2007

    as far as July 2009 we will be able to keep our telephone numbers no matter the company we change, but why to wait for 2 years if you will pay a fees for the change. As reported Diario Libre today Verizon and Orange, for me the 2 bads companies, first one high prices and 2nd. bad service wasnt...
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    Be careful with Plan Hogar and free internet

    Verizon is offering free internet dial up for every custom that has Planes Hogar and the twice of minutes of your plan. If you have Hogar 500 now you have 1,000 local free minutes per month and a free internet dial up account, but check what?s coming now. The time of internet connection is not...
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    Azurro Hotel Cabarete

    Hi, Im Dominican and in a cople of weeks probabily I will be an weekend there?I?d like to know if it?s a nice hotel, if the beach is near to the hotel and if it?s easy to find it.
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    For Cenntennial?s wireless users or possible users

    Visit this page select the banner that apper in the top of the page, read the document and if you are agree register your name. The document will be send to centennial customer service. bye