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    Forum issue or maybe just me

    Unable to use New Post selection with exception of clicking on "New Posts" which will show only posts since my last visit I'm unable to use the drop-down where you can select all new posts, daily, last week etc I worded this rather confusing but if anyone else experiences the issue they will...
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    Old Airplanes

    I put this in Off Topic in error, many more viewers here Mods, please delete other thread (Off topic) if you like Anyone recall Lockheed L-1049's? I think the last one flying with Dominican airlines (Not sure which) was sometime around 1992-93
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    I was just meandering through that revived then closed "hurricane" thread and noticed Ken's name I haven't seen anything from him in over two years I almost hate to ask if there is any news, maybe I missed something :bored:
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    Posting issue-----Line breaks

    Anyone know how to enter line breaks in posts? If I make a long post (Which I often do :p) the only way I can seem to enter line breaks is by creating the message, posting it and then going through the edit post actions I have tried entering return after a word when I want to start a new...
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    Website Issue (For me anyway)

    When I sign on and click "new messages" then the little blue button beside thread, I end up at beginning of thread I can't seem to find anyway to get to beginning of unread posts Using Firefox
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    Mountainannie, where art thou?

    Anyone heard from her or other "quiet" DR1 members?
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    Bubba, Cooter, Cletus and the boys

    It made me think of them
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    Cris Colon

    Is he in jail or.......?
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    A self absorbed view of the world

    How Wishing Well envisions himself Wishing Well was bragging to Gorgon one day. "You know, I know everyone there is to know. Just name Someone, Anyone and I know them." Tired of his boasting, the Gorgon called his bluff, "Okay, Wishing Well, how about Tom Cruise"? "Sure, yes, Tom and I...