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    do any expats have their meds sent from the US via courier? has there ever been a problem receiving them or a delay? and can a pharmacy ship to an out of state address like EPS in Miami? one of the things I have to plan for if and when I make the move.. thanks folks
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    Punta cana to Puerta Plata

    Can anyone advise me if there is are flights from Punta cana to Puerta plata? I have searched and searched and cannot find anything.I have a wedding to attend in Punta cana and want to spend some more time in Puerta plata and i'm not crazy about a 7 hour car ride thanks folks I appreciate...
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    you can take the girl out of the barrio..

    VIDEO: Former N.Y. State Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa sentenced to year behind bars
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    new jetblue EWR-STI

    jetblue is starting a newark- Santiago flight May01 ,some competition for continental and American
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    US $ exchange rate

    can anyone tell me what the recent exchange is? it was almost RD41-1$ when I was last there: laugh:
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    whale watching tour

    hi fplks, can anyone recommed a good boat to go for a day of whale watching in samana? i'll be back down in a few weeks and would love to get out and see the whales
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    interesting history

    Parsley Massacre From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search In October 1937, Dominican President Rafael Trujillo ordered the execution of the Haitian population living in the borderlands with Haiti. The violence resulted in the killing of 20,000[1][2]...
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    car rental from STI

    Hi all,i'm coming down the week before thanksgiving and could use a recommendation for a car rental from STI airport.:ermm:
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    Can anyone recommend a nice hotel near the beach in cofresi?or maybe a condo rental?i would really appreciate any help,,thanks,Mark
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    DR Government

    I have been looking around the forum and started reading the government section.It seem to have some unhappy people posting all the talk about drug gangs,latin kings fleeing to DR and government corruption(I know that one is real bad) affecting your day to day lives?
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    nyc weather,how about you

    its 8am in nyc and it feels like june,heavy fog,i can see about 1/4 mile and its 73 degrees,i dont know what that is in celsius,maybe you cn figure it out if you care too,,lol,,how about the weather report where you are?
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    hello new here

    hello,i am new here and after reading for a few days joined in.hi to all