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    Retirement Visa

    Have been advised by an immigration attorney in Santo Domingo and confirmed this here in the UK, that the Embassy in London, no longer does this work and that it is now done in Paris for the UK. Difficult, but it can all be done by mail. The law firm I contacted in Santo Domingo can facilitate...
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    Retirement Visa

    Are there any law firms in the Sosua/Cabarete area that process the paperwork to obtain a Cedula based on retirement income for people who are already in the Dominican Republic? Any help; would really be appreciated. Falkland in Villa Magante
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    The ideal solar operated house?

    Hello I live in Villa Magante on the north coast. My home is totally powered by solar. Any house can be easily converted to solar. I have 9 solar panels on my roof and 16 storage batteries and 1 inverter. With that I operate my lights, tv, refrigerator, pool pump and anything else I choose...