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    Dominican to give...

    traditional salutatorian address -- in Latin -- at Princeton's 259th commencement ceremony. Nice article, JD
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    A question

    ?Bariga Verde? JD ;)
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    Gas to Propane

    Has anyone modified their automobiles from gas to propane? If so, are the propane prices that much less? Has it been much enough of a savings to recommend it?
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    Criss Colon

    Happy Belated Birthday! JD
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    Are there any special requirements or duties required of Godparents in the Dominican Republic? JD
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    Masonic Lodges

    Do the Masons have a good reputation in the Dominican Republic? I came across their website last week: All the best, JD
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    I am speaking with a friend who recently moved to Santiago. She says that she is in Monte Rico II. Can anyone in Santiago help me to find it, or post a link to a map showing it? Thank you, JD PS: This is the map I am looking at now but I don't see it there...
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    Winter Baseball

    Is there a website for the Dominican Winter League? JD
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    Coast to Coast Am

    Last night on Coast to Coast Am with George Noory the guest was the renown psychic Sylvia Browne. One caller asked Sylvia about the future of the Dominican Republic. Sylvia said that she thought that the economy and conditions were going to improve. I was wondering if it was a fellow DR1 member...
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    Trip # 9 (Warning: Way too long!)

    I arrived at the airport in Santiago on June 9. My flight came in about 30 minutes earlier than planned. Since this my first time using this airport I was very pleasantly surprised by the speed at which I passed through customs and immigration. It actually took my longer to fill out my tourist...
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    February 22-26

    Hi all, Trip # 8 was another success. I arrived with mi suegra on Sunday February 22. After exchanging the niceities of the day, as well as several Presidentes, I finally checked into my room at the Atalaya, Located in La Julia, Atalaya Hotel was...
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    In the spirit of Halloween

    Last week there was a story on DR1's News regarding a "Haunted House". I was wondering if anyone had any (scary) stories to tell reagrding Ghost and/ or Spirits in the Dominican Republic. Paging Art Bell! JD
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    09/11/2003-09/14/2003 (Long Post)

    Hi all, I just returned from Santo Domingo today. On Thursday my flight arrived on time. After having watched the peso's movements, here at DR1, against the dollar I thought 32.50 was fair and exchanged $200.00 at the airport. I felt like I was in the express lane at customs because it about...
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    Happy 6th Birthday to.............................

    TOMASITO! CC's son. Many more, with happiness and good health! All the best, JD
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    After reading the item in today's DR1 news, I was wondering where some of my fellow posters stood on making the dollar the official currency. Pro or con? JD
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    DR 1 Chat Room

    I just tried to get into the chat room here but was unable to do so. Does anyone have any tips to help me get in? Obrigado, M
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    Feliz A?o Nuevo!

    A todos mis amigos........... Deseo que tu vida brille un poco mas cada dia...... y que el a?o que viene te traiga suerte y alegria. Con cari?o, Moca
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    Merry Christmas!

    Feliz Navidad a todos. May the happiness of Christmas remain with you all throughout the year! con cari?o, M
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    Dollar-Peso conversion rate

    Does anyone know the current "black market" conversion rate of dollars to pesos? Gracias M
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    Dominican Orphanages

    After reading some replies on another topic, the subject of Orphanages came up. Just wondering if those orphanages are all run by the DR's Government or by private organizations? How can one help those in orphanages? Te cuida, M