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    Curtains, cushions and interior design, best direction in Sosua

    This english lady is a professional interior designer, trained in London. You get your orders by return and she also supply and fit poles. If you don`t know what goes together, she will advice or you leave it to her, she is an artist. No poor stitching, broken the first time you wash. All her...
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    problems to transfer title of a car

    2 month ago I payed US 500.- for the transfer of a matricula to a well reputated lawyer firm. They promissed me that the work is done in 2 weeks. As I did before the transfers of 2 cars by my own, I know this can be resolved in the promissed time. When I signed the documents, I was just to leave...
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    Noice at night from the Piedro Clisante street, Sosua

    Does anybody know wich bar in the "Piedro Clisante" street is making this laud music, that we hear every night, in camino llibre until 3 am? It must be a new bar, because this has only been since the last 3 month, before this it was quiet up here.
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    apricot seeds

    From my last vacation I brought apricot seeds. As there are not so many left I cannot make to much mistakes. Does someone know how to plant them? I followed other discussions where some poeple crack them, others trailed them, but nobody had much success.