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    Hanging out Dominican style

    Here I am with my "primo" "el calvo" celebrating his birthday with a few "panas" at the local corner store:
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    CC I have some advice from you

    Take it from the most criticized person in the history of DR1 - when people call you names just remember: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me". "If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also." :D
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    DR1 impetus for Dominican nationalism

    After reading a fb post that was making the rounds on the 16th I realized DR1 and the comments of many of it's posters confirms what many Dominicans think of foreigners: especially when they want to meddle in their politics. Here is their quote I am referring to: Hoy, mas que un d?a festivo...
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    Dominicans call for Brewster to be sent back to the US

    Many conservative Dominican groups are calling for the president to declare Ambassador Brewster a "persona no grata" and have him returned to the US. They are offended by his insincere statements that he did not come to the DR to promote homosexual indoctrination while he has been doing exactly...
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    Dominican friends planning retirement

    I am good friends with a Dominican couple in Orlando that are ready to retire. They are now worried that their SS and small amount of savings will not be sufficient to pay their bills and are looking to relocate to the DR. I have told them I will rent out the bottom floor of my house for US175 a...
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    Dominicans are petioning Danilo

    to prohibit the US Ambassador from promoting homosexual marriage in the Dr in order to protect Dominican children: Here is a letter that was sent to the president in DiarioLibre Se?or Presidente: Con el anuncio de la Embajada de Estados Unidos sobre los eventos que realizar? en este mes para...
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    Brewster was lying all along

    If people weren't really sure of Wally Brewster purpose here in the DR they should be now; the Embassy just released an official video supporting homosexual causes in the country in spite of the fact that Brewster claimed he wasn't coming to the DR to promote homosexuality, even though that is...
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    Friend needs a refrigerator

    I have a friend who is looking for a refrigerator for RD10,000 or less for his mom. Please send me a pm if you have one in Santiago or the North Cost for sale.
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    History from two perpectives

    As I was reading a Dominican newspaper this morning I was reviewing an article about the battle of Santiago in 1844. This battle with the battle of Azua of the same year were the two first collaborated efforts by the Dominicans to repel the Haitians from their country. These battles were the...
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    Que dicen ustedes los dominicanos?

    Saludos. Quisiera compartir con los dominicanos del foro sobre la republica dominicana, etc. Mucho de ustedes ya me conocen aqui en el foro pero por si acaso soy norteamericano y vivo en santiago con mi esposa y tres hijas y soy ingeniero/constructor egresado de la pucmm. Le agradezco su...
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    USGS type topographic maps

    I am doing a floodplain analysis as part of my masters program and have run across what appears to be a complete collection of USGS type topographic maps of the DR. It appears the maps can't be downloaded but they can be copied to the clipboard and saved as a bmp. They also have some very old...
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    NY pizza in Santiago

    Granted I've never been to the Big Apple but have eaten NY style pizza is Orlando and can say Santiago now has authentic NY pizza. A friend of the owner told me about it and apparently the guy had a restaurant in NY. It's called Monchi's and is next to Institute JFK on JP duarte. It's RD500 for...
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    Chip meets frank12

    ..and they become friends. I finished up a little early at the Mustard Seed orphanage today and decided to contact frank12 aka, Frank to see if he wanted to meet up for lunch. Franks immediately invites me over to Village something place in Sosua and I take him up on it. In a nutshell we had a...
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    "Chi" as in "chi chi" the motoconcho

    Well it looks like I've finally found my niche; I'm a motoconcho at heart. :) Since my project started in Sosua abouth 3 weeks ago I have been making daily trips and get flagged down quite frequently on the Tourist highway from Santiago. As long as I'm not super pressed for time I try to stop...
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    Spanish for gringos

    In my now 13 years of trying to master Spanish I've come up with some useful personal observations. 1. Confidence is king. There is always a struggle between confidence based on "perceived" abilities and one's actually abilities. For those really eager to learn it would appear confidence might...
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    Architectural home design and cost

    I've started this thread in order to discuss architecture design and cost here in the DR. Here is a plan that what customized per the customer's wish. It is 250 sm.
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    I want my house!!!

    Hopefully Shalena is taking note and getting a good idea of what the market rate is for homes out there. As far a a house size goes, a 5 bedroom (incl cuarto de servicio) with decent sized bdrms need only be around 230-240 sm - or about 5.6-5.7M including the lot. This does not include a family...
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    Affordable housing construction

    Since I have started my contracting company and consulting for an orphanage I have taking a keen interest in developing a low cost model for low to middle income families. Currently, the least expensive systems in use now run around US25 per square feet and I would like to develop a system for...
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    DR1 motorcycle ride

    I thought I'd ask if fellow DR1'ers that have motorcycles would be interested in doing a half day trip from the North Coast to La Cumbre in Moca or Camp David for lunch. It would a good way for people to the person behind their posts :) and share the joys of riding a motorcycle here in the DR. I...
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    Italians in Santiago or the North Coast

    I have made an Italian friend through a Dominican friend of mine. His wife is Dominican and has been here only few months. His Spanish isn't so good and he seems to be a little lonely so I'd thought I'd tried to find out if there are groups of Italian's that get together in the North area of the...