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    I'm done.

    After 7 years I'm done with this place. There is no need for me to rant on about what's wrong with this place because we all seen those threads before. I'm leaving for the same reasons others left. With that in mind I need to hear from the people that lived in other Latin Countries. I'm trying...
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    Did the electric company change their rates or something? I pay my bill every month on time, but they stuck me with a 14,000 bill from last month. So I have to pay 9,000 for this month plus 14,000 for last month even though I already payed last months bill. I thought it was a mistake, but...
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    customs question

    I was about to start my own small business selling merchandise from value manufacturers in the U.S. i.e. vizio or blu phones, but my Dominican friend told me the customs house in Santo Domingo is holding all electronics, even if they're under $200. Has anyone heard about this, is it true? I tend...
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    Anyone know of a reliable Dentist here in Santo Domingo that will do a crown the same day? If not I'm willing to travel elsewhere. My Dentist in the U.S told me a crown will be $2,600. No way I'm paying that much.
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    U.S. Army

    I came home on Saturday. To my surprise I saw U.S. soldiers in the Santo Domingo airport. Why are they here? I searched all over Google but found no answers. Maybe someone here can enlighten me.
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    Disrespectful/ rude contractor

    As I told you VERY clearly via PM, you need to post your full contact details before I will allow anonymous postings like this.
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    Where can I find mahagany kitchen cabinets and a good contractor to install them? I also need a good recommendation for A windows installer. I'm in Santo Domingo.
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    Flipped Schools

    We all know education is not the best here. Do you all think this idea will work in the D.R.? It worked in poor areas of Michigan. Many academics think the biggest problem is poor students have little to no support for homework assignments at home. The idea is to have online lectures the...
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    D.R. bashing

    I been on and off this site over the last few years and I noticed a trend. About once a month someone start a thread to put down the country. Why leave your native country only to complain about your adopted one? The last thread was Colombian vs Dominican women. So much negativity in threads...