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    Jesus Galindez This case was the catalyst for Trujillo's downfall. Interesting.
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    Mis 500 Locos

    From the IMDB: Sounds interesting.
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    Passenger Trains in DR?

    I think it looks pretty good. I still think having train links between major cities and a limited number of street cars would be nice.
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    Turboprop airlines?

    I'm not an aviation expert, but I know that there are a lot of people on this site that are, so I have a question. Is it possible that turboprop airliners could come back? I don't mean just small commuter planes, but large planes like they had in the fifties? I read that a turboprop fighter...
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    San Cristobal submachine gun carbine model 1

    I've been researching Trujillo's weapons manufacturing and I have a couple of questions(to anyone on DR1 that knows about these kind of things). How does the San Cristobal submachine gun Model One stack up compared to machine guns like the M-16, Uzi, and AK-47? Would it still be considered an...
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    Translation please

    Double post
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    Does anyone know a travel agent in NYC that sells really cheap round trip tickets? In the 90's there was a place I used use constantly, but I can't locate the number now. I'm planning on a late July trip to the DR and I would like to avoid the 2 week advance booking wait. Thank you.
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    Dominican Airlines Information

    I haven't been able to find much on the history of Dominican airlines. Can anyone tell me what year the Dominican national airline went bankrupt? How many Dominican airlines have there been? What years did they operate? Wasn't APA strictly cargo? Was CDA the only national carrier that...
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    Post photos on DR1

    Hello. I'm trying to post some photos on DR1. How do I transfer photos from "Yahoo photos" to the "tinypic" website? How do I post them on a DR1 thread? Thank you.
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    Lillis Hereaux

    Can anyone recommend a biography of Lillis Hereaux that is published in English? Is it true that there is a palace/museum located in Santo Domingo that once belonged to Lillis Hereaux? I was told there was one, but that it had become so run down that it was now closed.
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    I am curious what historic sites are preserved in Moca. Is there a marker for the exact place where Lillis Hereaux was assassinated? I know there are a couple of run down buildings that have a Hereaux connection in Moca, are they open to the public? The photos I saw of them were several...
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    Short term rental in SD

    I would like to rent an apartment for 1 month in SD. I am planning to arrive at the end of January and stay through Febuary. Price range, 400-600 a month. But i'm willing to pay more if the apartment is worth it. I'm more interested in cleaniness and security than anything else. Thank you...
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    General Desiderio Arias

    I would like to know if anyone could post any photos of General Desiderio Arias? Also, are there any buildings in Monte Cristi that General Arias once owned? His private residence, or perhaps the cigar factory I read he once owned in that city? Thank you for any information.
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    Dominican Army? I have been purchasing Dominican items off the internet lately, mostly Trujillo Era. These are supposed to be Dominican army From the 1960's. I have never found a photo of a Dominican soldier wearing...
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    Pico Duarte

    I plan to climb Pico Duarte. Has anyone here ever made the climb? How much would such a trip cost?(please give me the price in US dollars) What gear/tents/etc would the guide company most likely supply? Is it best to buy warm clothing, boots, etc in the United States and bring it with me or...
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    flights fom Santo Domingo to Haiti

    I plan to visit Haiti during my visit to the DR. Does anyone know if there are still flights to Haiti from SD? How much does a rd/trip ticket cost? Do other DR airports offer flights to Haiti? I realize that there is some trouble in Haiti right now. I was wondering if the airlines were still...
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    manuel de moya

    does anyone know what happened to one of trujillo's favorite diplomats, manuel de moya after the trujillo family left the DR in 1961? does anyone know when he died?
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    famous children

    i have noticed some names of current politicans are familiar. is the current peynado related to president jacinto peynado, the trujillo era puppet president? what about tronsosco? is he relatyed to the trujillo era vice president? are there any current politicians that are the children of...
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    mirabel family

    i read in 2002 that a daughter of one of the mirabel sisters was involved in politics. one article i read speculated that one of the mirabel sister's daughters might even run for president. does anyone have any information on this topic? what political party does this mirabel family member...
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    staying in the DR

    i plan to be in the DR in may. is it possible to have US dollars western unioned to the DR? how much cash should i bring with me? is it safe to carry the money through customs? (are the airport police likely to steal it?) is it possible to rent an apartment in santo domingo and to have A/C...