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    Departure fee

    they are not current, I know for a fact 3-9 months is 5600 now
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    Another missionary killed in Haiti

    balls without brains usually doesn't work out well
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    What’s next for a crackdown on Haitian migrants as the Dominican Republic leader enters a new term?

    landmines and M134's with auto targeting would be a good start
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    Oh wow! More news from BBQ

    the last thing I would think now is that Haiti is a free country
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    Oh wow! More news from BBQ

    like everything about the UN, UN peacekeepers are a joke, most of the time they are from poorly trained third world countries; something like the IDF is what is needed, they'll be available soon after they finish their current pest control operation
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    Renting a car in the USA using a DR Driving Licence

    just got back from FLA, by the looks of it, everybody from Palm Beach down to Miami is driving on a Dominican license
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    Walking stick / cane

    If you need a cane to assist in walking then Farmaconal is the place to go, I bought a 'walker' and a mechanized 'lazyboy' there, I'm sure they have a good selection of canes
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    Waiting for Kenyans to arrive?

    the US Secretary of Defense was in Kenya months ago promising Kenya that the US would 'foot the bill', the story and video was all over the news
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    Exit Fees still being paid in cash

    a few years back I was paying what I called the 'overstay' fine and the person in front of me didn't have enough money to pay his fine, I thought they would have just put his name in the system and thrown him out of the country and told him never to come back, but they wouldn't let him exit the...
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    Miss DR: Who’s Your Favorite?

    how did Oskar Schindler put it when Itzhak Stern told him he had to pick a secretary out of all the applicants; he said, 'they are all so qualified'
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    Dusting the overpass in Boca Chica

    actually, they do pick up the trash and debris as I drive that section of the highway regularly
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    Donating Blood

    I just had a video conf with my primary care Doctor and he told me because of a anomaly in my last blood test, I should donate whole blood; does anybody know of donation centers in the Santo Domingo area?
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    US military airplane lands in Port-au-Prince

    in Vietnam, the AC-47 gunships were called 'puff'
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    Dusting the overpass in Boca Chica

    they work constantly cleaning the highway between La Caleta and the Basura Chica overpass, sweeping and picking trash and debris; believe me, if they didn't the highway would be impassable in that corridor
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    Can't pay overstay fee in cash now??

    48-60 months
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    Can't pay overstay fee in cash now??

    can't pay overstay fee in cash, can't pay for a marbete with a credit card; go figure
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    US Exchange Rate

    at 5pm yesterday it was 58.60 in basura chica, down from 59.05 just a few days ago
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    US Exchange Rate

    59.00 in Basura Chica
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    Popeyes chicken

    I doubt they change the oil every day at popeyes even in the States, more likely the oil is cleaned by filtration, McDonalds had these types of machines when I worked there years ago
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    Can't pay overstay fee in cash now??

    like them or not, certain things are necessary in life today, I think with a bankruptcy you can still get a debit card