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    Entering The DR Following 6 Months of Residency Approved

    Does anyone know if they changed anything with regards to residency and the delay from the COV-19 it will have with respect to the importation of Vehicles Over 5 years old?
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    Where To Get A Puppy in The DR

    Hi , fellow DR lovers I was just wondering if anyone knew where you might be able to get a healthy puppy? Not sure about where to go or how much one might cost, or any recommendations or insight would be appreciated .
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    Hi, fairly new to this subject, thinking about getting a retirement residency to live

    Hello everyone, I am thinking about retirement and getting a retirement residency and would like to know if anyone has gone through the experience ? . To the best of my knowledge I have heard that I would be allowed a shipping container to ship my things such as clothes, ,furniture, appliances...
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    plastic surgeons?

    someone in my family asked me about plastic surgeons in the dominican, can anyone tell me where to get info?
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    Hooters Restaurant in Santiago?

    hey I hear they opened a Hooters in Santiago?, Is it any good there ? I plan to be visiting soon around the 25th of Febuary and plan to stay in Santiago for a few days , anyone been there ? I hope its like the way they used to be here in the states :) also saw online there having Fashion...
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    Send flowers to someone in the Dominican Republic

    I'm looking to try to send someone flowers for her birthday, can anyone tell me where to get the best deal on flowers? Any specials comming up for the holidays etc
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    the best places to hook up in Santiago

    Where are some of the best places to hook up with local women in Santiago? not places like Passions either , Im talking about places to go where youll meet attractive working or university type women who go out to meet guys.I now there out there ,Ive been to Matum and also the other Casino as...
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    can you really bring your vehicle by ferry?

    I was there on Vacation as usual around August and was visiting some of my friends in the Santo domingo area .I met my English friend who has been living there for some time now and asked him about a car I saw , I noticed that it had puerto rico license plates on it? I said to him whats up with...
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    motorcycles from USA into the Dominican Republic?

    On my last vacation while in the Santo Domingo area , I spotted a car that had License plates from Puerto Rico, I asked a friend of mine who lives in the country and he told me that he has seen this before there . He said that what they do is take there car across on the ferry from Puerto Rico...
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    whats the deal on buying land in DR?

    Ive been going to the D.R. for over 10 yrs whever I have vacation time.In about 7 yrs I should be able to retire and while I was around boca chica my friends told me that live there that there was property for sale across Las Americas from the gas station,where the entrance into boca chica is...