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    Where is Pichardo when the wheels fall off?

    Major real estate developer defaults. It is very reassuring to read who is developing real estate in the DR under the watchful eye of government regulators. I guess Pichardo is right, it isn't ALL laundered money developing real estate, some is outright swindled.
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    Caution to New Jerseyans

    You will be a mark to claim child support payments from...She will accidently on purpose become inpregnated to get a check for the next 18 years. High-tailing it back to NJ won't help any longer.
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    When is self-defense called murder?

    When it is reported on DR1. Todays news: This guy should receive a hero's parade in Sosua.
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    Horse Racing in the DR

    Any updates on the status of horse racing in the DR. I remember years ago (1970's) when everything would stop in Santo Domingo during the broadcast of the races from the Hippodrome. I guess recent politics have given a new meaning to the word Hippodrome. The last word I saw was a new owner...
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    Money laundering in the DR marked 'CONFIDENTIAL"

    Below is a "CONFIDENTIAL" cable from USAID Director in DR to the State Department. Published by Wikileaks. This was written in 2009 but leaked September 1, 2011. No wonder there are so many empty malls in the DR that survive with no tenants or customers. Say what Pichardo? Every shopper...
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    Reyes being criticized

    Jose Reyes pulled himself from today's game after leading off with a bunt single. That gave him a .337 batting average. Ryan Braun goes into tonight's game at .335 and would need 3 hits/4bats or better to catch Reyes for the National League batting title. The media is tearing him apart. I...
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    Ada's Latin Flavor-Dominican Cuisine in New Jersey

    Ada's Dominican Restaurant, located in Long Branch, NJ is the place to find great Dominican food in NJ. Located a few blocks from Long Branch's upscale oceanfront, Ada's is the place for great food at reasonable prices. Ada's Latin Flavor: Dominican Cuisine Menu