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    Dominican Citizens traveling to BRAZIL

    Hello fellow DR1ers, I want to hear your opinions and let me know how easy do you think it would be to obtain a tourist visa to go to Brazil. I know a visa is required to travel from the USA to Brazil and I think the same is required for Dominican citizens. In any case, I know trying to obtain a...
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    Looking for DIALYSIS clinics

    Hey all, i did a quick search on the forum but am trying to pinpoint any reliable hospitals or clinics/centers that provide dialysis in the Santo Domingo/San Cristobal/Bani area. Can anyone recommend? Your input and help is much appreciated! :cheeky:
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    ANYONE know about these projects in the works?

    Hey all, I have been doing some research on real estate in and around the capital and some new projects. This particular company caught my eye and am wondering if anyone knows of these projects. I am particularly interested in COHISA XXVI. I am familiar with the neighborhood next to the Country...
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    Lactose FREE milk

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knows exactly whereabouts in Santo Domingo can one find Lactose free milk? I do not recall seeing any in my trips to La Sirena or Jumbo but maybe i just missed seeing it? If anyone can provide exact information as to where i can get this type of milk [think...
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    TECHNICAL questions RE: Blackberries & Unlocked Phones

    I've searched the threads on here but my question is very specific. I also know a lot of people simply recommend getting unlocked quad band phones to use in DR for worry free service but here is my dilemma. I have a sprint BB 8830 World Edition Phone It is unlocked and i know for sure it is dual...
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    Cabanas in the south

    Hey All, i did a quick search in the threads but didnt really find any useful information here. I am travelling to DR later this year but my flight gets in at 4am...yeah yeah the red eye JetBlue i know....ok the deal is i need to sleep for a few hours so does ANYONE here know of cabanas in the...
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    Bowling in the Dominican Republic

    I know this might seem very random, but does anyone know of any places to go bowling in the DR? or is it non-existant? :ermm:
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    Sending $$$ from DR to USA

    I have tried doing a search for this on the forum but couldnt come up with good results. Has anyone tried sending money over from the island to the states with Western Union/Vimenca or any other service? Which would be the more reliable and charge the least fee. It seems as of late...
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    Air Dominicana TICKET PRICES

    Hey all, just did a random search on their 'new' website: AirDominicana I did a search for a round trip ticket for xmas time to Santo Domingo from JFK (NYC) and it came back at just a little over $400 [all taxes and fees included]. I am shocked to say the least...this is TOO good to be...
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    CONMBEOL World Cup Qualifying Games

    Hey all, I plan on being in Santo Domingo in September and am really curious if any sports bars or establishments will be carrying these games to watch on their televisions. In the past I have been able to watch football and basketball games [NFL and NBA] no problem, but does anyone know who...
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    Hotel Residence City

    anyone ever stay here recently? I was searching the forum for any information or reviews and came up empty handed. This seems like a nice place, centrally located in la capital. Anyone have any info? the address I found on Tripadvisor is: Jose Contreras No. 28 don't know if that helps, it is in...
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    Cellular/blackberry question

    hi guys, ok my fellow tech experts. Can anyone tell me if the following 2 phones will work in DR if I take them to get activated and which carriers? Blackberry 8700c, i believe it is a locked phone with a SIM card [my bet is Orange knows how to deal with this type phone] Palm Treo 650, for...
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    North Coast Restaurant Tax Discussion

    You know once in Boca Chica a regular bar on the beach tried charging me 16% on top of all my drinks! is that a common thing these establishments do to tourists? I can understand a restaurant or gift shop but a bar? i checked my bill and they quickly removed the 16%...sheesh! :ermm:
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    Rental car rates

    Hey all, just wanted to share with you that I got a great rate and made a reservation online via Travelocity for a 9 day rental on an 'ECONOMY' car through Budget for $207.35 USD. That's including taxes and fees so works out to $23USD a day. Keep in mind Travelocity/Budget have my reservation in...
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    My one thousandth post!!!

    Just felt like sharing this PRECIOUS MOMENT with everyone on the forum! LOL :bunny: Took a while but finally did it! Thanks for everyone's support and interesting discussions in this forum, I hope to continue to be a part of it for a long time. And looking forward to meeting more of the...
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    QUESTION RE: Hotel Paraiso Cano Hondo

    Has anyone been to this hotel before? I am looking at their site and they promote Eco-Friendly accomodations. However, they dont list any prices or rates to their hotel and or excursions. Anyone have a good review of this place? And how easy is it to get to? I have emailed them and have yet...
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    Summer Bbq Many Thanks!

    RE: The Summer BBQ this past Saturday June 28th @ Newburgh, NY From: Jaime & Castia (your hosts) HEY ALL, my wife and I would like to formally thank and appreciate everyone from dr1 that made it out to this annual event and helped out in every way possible to make this a SUCCESS! FYI, I do not...
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    Delta's Woeful Decision....

    I guess the only reason I am somewhat relieved is that my trip this year happens to take place before the changes....although I do not trust DELTA and will continue to check on the flight status week by any case I emailed DELTA about JFK-SDQ and here is what the wrote back to me...
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    Summer Bbq Upstate Ny

    SPECIAL EXTENDED INVITE to all dr1 Members in the neighborhood! :bunny: Hey guys [and gals], Here I am posting my annual Summer BBQ. A special invite to any dr1 members that can make it! Please add your name below to let me know if you will be able to attend so as to prepare for the number of...
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    :bunny: I hope I posted this in the right LOCATION, if not can a Mod please move it to its appropriate topic! :) OK a couple of members have asked me to hurry up and post this event up so I am FINALLY doing so. After discussing with the wife [of course] I am extending an invitation to our DR1...