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    XanaduRanch Contact Information

    XanaduRanch Phone and E-Mail Contact Information I am no longer accepting PM's or E-Mails through DR1. My friends may contact me any time at or via cell at 809-975-6029. Tom aka XR I lost my job at the DR1 massage parlor. I rubbed people the wrong way. That's all folks!
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    White, Blonde, Santiaguera Genies

    AZB is walking along the beach in Sosua Semana Santa when he comes across a lamp partially buried in the sand. He picks up the lamp and gives it a rub. Two blonde, light skinned Santiaguera genies appear, and they tell him he has been granted three wishes by Hippolito. AZB makes his three wishes...
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    Wild On ... Semana Santa. Party Suggestions for AZB.

    OK. Crunch time folks. AZB is headed to the North Coast, and trying to avoid anything but the light skinned Santiagueras expected to turn up their noses at us dark skinned, or severely tanned, North Coasters. Any party suggestions? What wild plans do DR1'ers have for this wild weekend of fun...
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    The Backward Hurricane

    Hurricane Catalina This is a link to a story about Hurricane Catalina which hit Brazil last week. Just click on the photo above to go to the story. The photo is courtesy of the astronauts aboard the International Space Station, Alpha. The hurricane is unique because it is the first ever known...
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    March 31 D.R. Earthquake Predicted in Advance?

    March 31, 2004 D.R. Earthquake Predicted in Advance? The 'Earthquake Cloud' of February 29, 2004 In a post on March 4, 2004 I passed along some information from Dr. Shou regarding his discovery of the image above. He concluded that the cloud formation above was a precursor to an earthquake...
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    French Terror Alert Status Raised

    In light of the Madrid bombing, France has raised their terror alert level from "Run!" to "Hide!" The only two higher levels in France are "Surrender!" and "Collaboration!". Tom aka XR
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    Stop! The Pool is Overflowing, Already!

    Just curious if anyone is experiencing flooding or other problems with the rains? T.S. Robert is Flooding the Xanadu Pool Here at Xanadu we have registered 5.61" of rain since midnight yesterday, and the day's not even half over as I type. This is the heaviest in the shortest period of time...
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    Trouble with Mars Rover Arcade Game?

    Anyone else have trouble with Mars Rover? Everytime I get a high score, it takesme to the registration page, then I get an invalid access message as below. This is from a few minutes ago. Tom aka XR You can't have everything. Where would you put it?
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    2004 Hurricane Predictions

    Here's Colorado State University's current estimates for the 2004 Season, which begins on June 1, 2004. Time flies when you're having fun! Named Storms (9.6) 13 Named Storm Days (49.1) 55 Hurricanes (5.9) 7 Hurricane Days (24.5) 30 Intense Hurricanes (2.3) 3 Intense Hurricane Days...
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    I Had a Sankey at Xanadu While Alba was Gone!

    ? ? Click to ENLARGE any of these SANKEYS! NEWS FLASH FROM XANADU Contrary to what we've all been led to believe from numerous posts here on DR1, SANKEYS appear not to be a local Dominican phenomenon, but rather, the Xanadu Report? can now reveal, that these ugly, black SANKEYS are...
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    Santiago Then and Now

    Do you know what happened this week back in 1562? A strong earthquake destroys Santiago. The town is re-established on the banks of the Rio Yaque where it is located today. Santiago de los Caballeros had no electricity. The Government of Santiago de los Caballeros was bankrupt. Almost everyone...
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    Congestion Over the North Coast!

    Wow! I rarely post here (being afraid of the moderator Sr. Medina) but thought I'd pass this along. As some of you know our home, Xanadu, is in the hills above and between Sosua and Cabarete so we have a clear view between Puerto Plata, Sosua, and Cabarete, including the airport. While taking...
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    Happy V.D. Everyone !!!

    Sorry! I just like saying that. I just received this notice over the NWWS wire services and thought I should pass it along. Y Tom aka XR
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    Earthquake Monitors

    I actually saw one today finally. Supermercado Sosua had exactly one hanging on the rack at the checkout isle for RD$1960. I know many of the posters in the earthquake thread purchased them overseas and imnported theirs. For anyone interested in having one of these little goodies where else has...
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    ▫▫ Weather Reports ▫▫

    *** Weather Reports *** We are frequently asked here 'What's the Weather Like?' so I am sticking a thread here for all us DR1'ers to post our real time amateur weather observations for one and all to see. Please tell us where you're reporting from, date, time, how much or little sun...
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    Electronics Parts Suppliers?

    Anyone know of any companies/stores in Puerto Plata or Santiago for electronics geeks like me that need parts? EdeNunca blew up every TV, wall-wart (if you don't know don't ask just go directly to the Mars-Penis forum) satellite receiver, and stereo at Xanadu a few days ago. Most damage seems...
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    Nebraska Tourism Tips For Coastal People

    Because of misunderstandings that frequently develop when New Yorkers and Californians cross states such as Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, or Missouri, those states' Tourism Councils have adopted a new policy. In an effort to help outsiders understand the rural Midwesterner's mind, the following list...
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    XR's Dominican Republic Huelga Tips

    The army and the PN are usually stationed at all gasoline stations in the Dominican Republic at times of national emergency, such as during a huelga. Most gringos incorrectly assume this is to stop the sale of flammable products that might otherwise be used in incendiary devices that injure...
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    Diesel & Gasoline: Now What?

    Here we go again? Alba was in Sosua today buying groceries and I had asked her and Cristian to bring back a 6 gallon container of diesel for the big generator. We haven't got the 1000 gallon storage tank completed yet so we've just been filling up the built in tank to keep running during...
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    Wacko Jacko Game

    Here guys and gals ... This is too funny ... Make it to level two for the real interesting stuff. Tom (aka XR)