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    Finally, some positive action on immigration from Haiti.

    Now this is a bit second hand but it apparently did happen today.... A Haitian friend went to Port au Prince get her customary 1 year Dominican visa to continue her bi-monthly business trips to Santo Domingo. For the first time ever she was told 'No!' New rules. She needed to supply an...
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    Did anybody meet this guy?

    Dis anybody meet this guy? BBC News - Lib Dem donor Michael Brown 'extradited to UK'
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    Revenge..... Check this out. Tattoo artist Ryan Fitzgerald from Dayton, OH was...
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    Not just the D.R. politicians.

    I do not know where to post this. Apparently it is all true - I just wonder how many of the buggers they did not catch yet. Can you imagine working for a company that has just 635 employees, but has the following employee statistics? 29 have been accused of spouse abuse, 7 have been arrested...
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    From the BBC today....

    "Computers have enabled people to make more mistakes faster than almost any invention in history, with the possible exception of tequila and handguns" - CARL GUNDLACH
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    Anastacio - how did it pan out in the east?

    Anastacio - How did it pan out in the east? Inquiring minds want to know.... What happened buddy?
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    Bummer #645392836 for Haiti....

    Please tell me they got this wrong.... Mountainannie - bit of info if you please........? Haiti - Environment : The Government prohibits the consumption of fish from the Lake Azuei -, Haiti News, The haitian people's voice
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    Domestic Karaoke Machine Required

    Merry bloody Christmas - and humbug! I know I am going to regret this as it will end in my nice peaceful life being spoiled by women and kids shrieking into a microphone - but what the heck - it is supposed to be bloody Christmas again - so against all my better judgment - Does any body...
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    My 'friend' wants to know -

    Dear Badpiece - I have a 'friend' who asks - After how many years, how many kids, how many good times and bad, can a Gringo start to relax, confident in the belief that his younger, hotter wife genuinely loves him? Inquiring minds want to know - :bunny:;)
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    Yerba Mate

    Does anybody know if and where I can buy Yerba Mate - Kurupi in the D.R?
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    National Hero??

    <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> A quick question. Apparently there is only one Dominican who, on their Cedula where it states occupation, has written "National Hero" - who is this person? I have been searching the internet and I cannot find the answer.
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    Poker Tourny at Bayahibe

    Does anybody have any information about the Poker Tournament being held tomorrow (20th March 2010) at the new casino in Bayahibe? A contact number would be nice, but any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Live long and prosper.
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    Gua-Gua Crash at Las Americas

    Anyone have info on a Gua-Gua crash tonight around Las Americas? I need to find out the list of casualties. How does this work in the D.R. Who do I contact? Anybody with any experience - please help. Thanks in advance.
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    Boating Accident - nasty

    People should know about this. If you go swimming in Boca Chica you need to keep your wits about you. Sunday, a power boat ran over 2 people. The young lady had her arm chopped off and blead to death shortly afterward. The young man has his foot chopped off but survived. The incident happened...
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    No one said she couldn't leave....

    I was going to put this in the Dominicans Abroad forum but....... Was Sobeida Feliz's exit stage left a cock-up or was she purposefully given safe passage by whomever for whatever reason?
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    Good quality service from my Domincan landlord

    I hear so little good news these days..... My water tank sprang a leak this morning. Within 30 minutes my Dominican landlady had bought a new one, plus all the accessories and had somebody over to install it. I thought I was in for a struggle - but no! Perfect. She even had a smile on her face...
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    Oops! Help needed

    Rats! I lost my wedding ring and need to buy a new one - white gold if possible. Where is a non touristy place to get a good deal in the Santo Domingo area? Thanks for your help people....
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    Border Closed?

    I thought Leonel was the president of the D.R. and I thought Preval was president of Haiti. So why are these 2 presidents (and the rest of the island) being held ransom by some poxy Dominican union dude and some idiotic Haitians trying to scam US$100 per truck at the border? Regardless of 'who...
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    Telecoms Technicians

    This is a long shot, but does anybody have the contact details for the Tech people for Orange and Claro in the DR??
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    Manhole Covers

    I need to buy 10 cast iron manholes covers (with collars). Can anyone help? Does anybody know of a manufacturer or a supplier? The amount of these that get stolen and then replaced leads me to believe there is someone in the D.R. doing brisk business selling/replacing these items. Any help...