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    Where do we post?

    There is no Entertainment and Arts forum, yet regularly we get updates telling us of Art, Music and Cultural events taking place in DR and then there is cinema and television too. Todays news is about Shakira coming to DR in October. There is a regular jazz scene in SD. And why can’t we have a...
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    Nacional District Land Use Plan

    New mayor new ideas....... DR1 News... National District government presents its land use plan to businesses National District (Santo Domingo) Mayor David Collado presented to urban experts and businesses the Strategic Land Use Plan that would be adopted for the capital city through 2030. The...
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    Miches Club Med is Coming On lovely Playa Esmeralda. (My advice, go swim it whilst it is a virgin beach, done that, I did that too on a Grace Bay, Providenciales, TCI, before we broke...
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    The Real Challenge for DR1 Forum

    Monday through Thursday, Dolores and her team present a summary of DR related news. Most of it has the potential for vibrant debate amongst those that actually live here, and in particular our much reduced Dominican members in the community. Just like most days for the past two years or so, the...
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    ¿Cuánto sabes sobre la revolución del 1965?

    A quiz in todays Diario Libre for those who know, think they know or just want to find out about DR history...... I failed miserably.
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    Punta Rucia/Monte Cristi

    The North West of the island is one part I have yet to explore and will start exploring next week starting in Punta Rucia. I would be grateful for any suggestions of where to visit along this section of coastline with Cordillera Septentrional backdrop.
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    Latest Survey of Origins of Immigrants in the DR 847,979 inmigrantes. also DR1 News Venezuelans make up highest percent increase in foreigners According to the Second National Immigrant Survey, carried out in 2017, the foreign population in the...
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    Don Juan to Cevicos- Highway 11

    The drive north from the capital leaving the ring road north of Villa Mella is an interesting changebut especially enjoyable on the section from Don Juan to Cevicos. It is well paved, as are most roads in Monte Plate (except for the short section on 23 from 11 to San Pedro which was resurfaced a...
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    Dominican Avocados

    The avocados that you can buy here in DR are much better than I have been used to elsewhere in the world. Not surprisingly, the export of avocados is growing and now DR is the 12th largest exporter (US30m) but yet it is the second largest producer annually worldwide with 8% (400 million tons)...
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    DR Embassy in Gloucester Square, London. I guess the Dominican Ambassador doesn't understand the concept of Planning Permission. Been there 3 years and applied for Planning Permission for a change of use retrospectively and...
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    DR1 Clock

    It appears the clock used to record times of postings on DR1 is running a few minutes fast. Maybe a good thing for Dominican appointments.......but in reality when they are late...they are very late.
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    Border Drones Those who have read this forum for many years will recall a light hearted episode between various posters and PICHARDO over his mention of use of drones to police the...
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    Sky High Aviation

    Interesting to note that Sky High Aviation have started flying some of the routes that PAWA flew after their suspension. They are flying to St Martin now using Inter Caribbean aircraft and to St Kitts and Antigua apparently.
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    Frenchman falls in SDQ and dies

    DR1 News Accident victim at Las Americas Airport dies French citizen, 37-year old Maurois Alain Siounanda, who fell three stories inside the the Las Americas International Airport on 5 February, died while being treated at Dario Contreras Trauma Hospital. He was at the airport to take an Air...
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    Dominican women voting rights LADIES ONLY

    When you travel around the Plaza de Bandera these days you will see a large poster displaying when Dominican women got the vote....1942. (Copied here by AlterEgo from Off Topic Forum, ju10prd did not post in Ladies OnlyForum)
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    Foreigners Driving in The Dominican Republic

    What are, if any, the new requirements for foreigners to drive in the Dominican Republic using their foreign driving license for a short period of stay following the introduction of Ley 63-17? Previously it was understood that one could drive on a foreign driving license for a period of no more...
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    JBQ - La Isabela International Airport, Santo Domingo I have now flown 3 times out of Santo Domingo from JBQ and one time back. My flights were with Air Century to San Juan. The experience using JBQ is a pleasure for several reasons. From where I reside in the city in Miramar it is a...
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    Hurricane Pre-Planning for Next Year & Beyond

    A coupe of posts in the Hurricane season thread have prompted me to post this new thread. It was posted that the possibility of another crazy season is in store next year and maybe this time DR will not be so very lucky. As I have mentioned in another thread, I have recently been working along...
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    Christmas Eve Dominican Dinner

    I wonder how many DR1 members will be enjoying traditional Dominican fare on Christmas Eve in very Dominican settings. I for one will be in very rural campo on the Sanchez Ramirez/Monte Plata border with roasted pig on the menu with the grandparents, aunts, uncles and family of my esposa. She...
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    No Good News

    DR is the second most likely place in Latin America where you pay bribes according to a report just out from Transparency International: