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    Seeking dance classes for young girls

    Back to the actual topic: Are there dance classes for young girls? I found but according to Google Maps it is "permanently closed" and although the number on the website is active but not picked up. Are there any other dance schools around sosua (or...
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    Renting motorcycles cheaply possible?

    When I lived in the DR obviously I had my own scooter/small motorcycle to get around. Now I will go to the DR for a few weeks and dont plan buying one for those days. I know that in Cabarete they rented out motorcycles, but for around 20 USD/day, which to me is quite expensive given the fact...
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    Question regarding citizenship in the DR and Haiti

    I already searched for citizenship in the forum, but couldnt find something which helped me, so please apologize if that question has been asked before! According to Wikipedia the DR gives the restricted "birthright citizenship" (jus soli) and from January 2010 all children of non-residents...