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    Decision Made Status - CIC Website Inquiry

    Hi to all who may remember me from about a year ago. My situation was, my husband was in PAP during the earthquake and I went to the embassy in DR last February to bring him here due to the circumstances and they let him come on a temp. visa. He also got a work permit that expires next month...
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    RE: Immigration Canada - Haitian sponsorship

    RE: Immigration Canada - Haitian sponsorship Hi, I know it's been a while since I posted on here, busy settling in the hubby as best as I can... :) Even though I noticed I am moved to the completed timelines, he still does not have his PR. So, I just recently contacted CIC and was told...
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    Canadian Embassy in Santo Domingo - Suggestions for me?

    Hi all, I have a question. I just went to the embassy in SD and I was able to speak with the immigration officer who will be evaluating our case on Monday. I guess they don't do any of that on Fridays. I also found out after going all over SD that Haitians do not require payment of any visa...
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    Going to Santo Domingo Embassy this weekend.... HELP!

    Hi everyone, it's been decided, I am going to the DR. I can't sit around any longer and my work said it's best to go now since Monday is a holiday. Does anyone know of any airlines with the cheapest rates? Hotels with good rates? Last minute deals? Will I get by if my husband isn't there...
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    PAP Spousal Application Time Immigration Canada

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else got a time frame of 11-19 months from their MP. When I questioned the 11 month minimum time frame I was not really given any tangible response to explain the 2 month difference between online and what she was telling me. Anyone experience this or...
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    Regarding CAIPS notes - Form IMM 5475

    For the form IMM 5475, do I need my husband to actually sign this? If so, I wonder if it'd be okay if he scanned or faxed it to me?
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    Address to send updated information to CIC?

    If you have a change in employment, I was told that I am supposed to send in writing that I am working for a different company. Does anyone know which address I should be sending this letter to? Thanks!
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    Payment of Fees? Re Immigration Canada

    Hi, I was having difficulty figuring out what address I should be sending my hubby's landing fee to? I already paid the first half and my application is in process, so should I just be sending it to the same address I sent the first payment to? Just wanted to double check. Thanks.
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    Question regarding my MP's status Immigration Canada.

    Hi all, It's been a while since I have been here .... I was just hoping that I'd hear something, anything by this point. But, I did contact my MP and it's a good thing that I did, because I guess PAP came back to tell her that I need to pay the second half of the sponsorship fee, which I had...