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    Live from the Shark Bar

    A message from a Yahoo group: From: "rafael@..." <rafael@...> Date: Sat Nov 26, 2005 2:33 pm Subject: live webcam from NY Shark Bar. . . .. drtourist Offline Send Email I am at NY Shark Bar enjoying the food and the wifi...
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    Deep Fry Thermometer

    Does anyone know where I can get a good deep fry thermometer at a decent price? Anywhere from here, in Sosua, to Santiago is good as long as it's a good deal.
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    Is this legal?

    I have a friend who is trying to send some used clothes to the Dominican Republic for some children. He was told by the shipping company that the Dominican Republic is not allowing people to ship used clothes here anymore. After asking around I have been told by numerous sources that this is a...
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    Sending Used Clothes to the DR

    Hello Everyone, A friend of mine who visits the Dominican Republic would like to send some clothes to some families in the campo. I gave him the phone number of a shipping company that I had heard some good things about and he was ready to ship the clothes when he was informed by the...
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    Party at Hotel Playa Laguna Saturday October 22nd

    You are formally invited to a party at Hotel Playa Laguna on Saturday October 22nd. The party will feature all you can eat pig roast, salad bar and homemade German sauerkraut and a free drink included with an admission price of 380 pesos. The bar will open at 6:30PM and food will begin being...
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    Super Eddy's Kicksoff NFL Football Season Tonight!

    It's Finally Here! It's Finally Time! No More Withdrawl Symptoms. The NFL is Back Baaaaby! :: smile :: To celebrate, Eddy's Sports Bar in Sosua is hosting NFL Kickoff Weekend with the first game of the 2005 season, live from the states, on the big screen. Last Year's Superbowl Champion New...
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    Rubi 92.5 Broadcasting Live from The New York Shark Bar

    Sorry for the last minute notice but I just found out that the local Sosua radio station will be broadcasting live from our bar tonight. What that means is that if you have internet access you can listen to the show tonight from anywhere in the world. Just go to and register...
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    Last Call for Partiers!

    A final reminder to everyone that we will be throwing a party on Sosua beach tonight at the New York Shark Bar. We will have live rock-n-roll featuring Crash and an all-night BBQ. Hope to see you there!
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    Party at The New York Shark Bar August 20th

    Just a reminder. We will be throwing a party this Saturday on Sosua beach. We will have live rock-n-roll featuring Crash and the BBQ will be on all night long!
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    Wireless on Sosua beach

    I just wanted everyone to know that you can now enjoy wireless internet access on Sosua beach. At the New York Shark Bar stall #66 we just got the wireless router up and running. For those of you who have been down before we have expanded our menu, so, in addition to the imported hot dogs and...
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    All-Inclusive Cattle Herd

    I was just wondering if anyone else the all-inclusives walking around with large groups of people that remind me of a herd of cattle. I saw a few weeks ago about fifty people walking down the beach in two by two formation and noticed that none of them would even look over in the direction of the...