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    Building a House in DR

    Just some general things, I’m sure even more knowledgeable and qualified people will chime in. Prices are significantly up. Builders are going to pass on those prices of course. Where are you building? Building for example in Punta Cana will likely run a good deal more than in a campo in the...
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    Santo Domingo Airport

    In laws couldn’t pick me up last time I flew into Santiago had the same happen to me. Vowed to never use Uber again in the country.
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    Arajet: green light to connect the Dominican Republic with 14 countrie

    Can I ask where you found that? Hoping to get my in laws off the island in 2022 for a bit. Is there a tentative schedule available? Thanks!
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    Constitutional Court says transport routes can’t be controlled by private business

    I sincerely hope that this is enforced, but I won’t be holding my breath.
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    Nathan’s hot dog

    Off topic, but where would be a good place to get a package of hot dogs that are Nathan’s/Sabrett’s quality?
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    First Place You Visited In DR

    My now husband took me to Jarabacoa and I fell in love with DR’s mountains.
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    Dominican Republic to require negative covid test?

    I don’t know anything, but highly doubt it. Have run the entire pandemic without it, would be horrible for tourism, and restrictions are currently being loosened not tightened.
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    Driver learner permit and license renewals cost much more now

    10 years in Georgia, the state in the US.
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    Canada announces vaccine mandate for air travel

    Not Canadian (south of the border), but is this constitutional?
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    What about Jarabacoa?

    I haven’t lived in Jarabacoa but visited many times. If he enjoys nature and cooler weather, it should be a good fit. If he’s active he’ll also love it, opportunities to visit falls, hanglide, hike, and paddle. Definitely rent before buying because some neighborhoods are louder than others...
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    Land Prices

    Just wondering… are you targeting tourists or Dominicans with this? Great concept, stayed at one in Colombia not far from peñol de guatapé. Hopefully you’ll update when you’re up and running, would love to check it out!
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    Nonstop/1 stop Flights For Dominicans

    Thanks guys! We’ll see how things go over the summer and decide from there.
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    Nonstop/1 stop Flights For Dominicans

    Hey there. Not sure if this is the right place, hopefully so! I’m trying to find out where I can find info on flights from DR (Sti preferable but any airport works) The last year+ of covid and toque de queda, etc has been tough on all. My husband and I wanted to take some of his family on a...
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    I need to advertise apartment in online publication

    Where? Depending on location, online might or might not be the way. Have you posted a physical sign and looked at Facebook and/or Corotos?
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    STI to Puerto Plata

    End of January I paid $100 usd, though this was likely the gringa rate.
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    How to recall bookmarked posts

    If you click your name under the menu, you should see three lines that say Your Account. This allows you to pull up your bookmarks.
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    Fondue Restaurants?

    Thanks for both those recommendations - much appreciated! Cheese fondue for the person who asked.
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    Fondue Restaurants?

    Hey there, We’ll be visiting the month of January. Was wondering if anyone knows if there are any fondue restaurants in Jarabacoa/Constanza, Santiago, and/or the north coast (Cabrete)? Our favorite Meralto seems closed and was hoping to take my fiancé’s family to experience fondue as they’ve...