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    Looking for Quality deck/patio furniture

    Half the stuff in my villa has been imported by me. Wayfair etc.... BTW this is not my first choice as I would rather buy here. But it is effortless and cost effective to buy online.
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    Selling a plot of land in Sosua.

    It will take you at least a year to get the deslinda.
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    Super Pola become Sirena Market Sosúa soon

    That being said....The slowest pace I ever seen anyone walk in my life, is when there is a small problem at the register and the cashier needs the manager to come over with the key so they can make a change. The manager always saunters over as if he was strolling by a lake and looking at the...
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    Super Pola become Sirena Market Sosúa soon

    I love the new Pola / Sirena here in Sosua. There is a wonderful spacious feel to it now. Yes they need time to reorganize must be difficult doing it while the store is open. But overall I love it and consider it a big upgrade.
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    CORAAPPLATA road destruction of main highway underway

    It is a disgusting disgrace what they have done with this road and it keeps getting worse.
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    Symbolic crackdown on five Chinese businesses for tax evasion

    Like it or not ...I am writing this on a high end Lenovo laptop ... made in China
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    Solar panels are good for the country and individual finances but those who have invested in traditional power are not happy

    I pay my Elec bill and Altce bill online. Takes 1 minute not 2 hours.
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    Seeking excellent dentist in Puerto Plata / Sosua / Cabarete

    Thank you all for your kind responses. I am sure that all the dentist's mentioned would be excellent. I decided to go with Dr Fredy Lepe in Puerto Plata. So far I am very pleased with him and his team. I wish you all Good Health and Thank You again.
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    Seeking excellent dentist in Puerto Plata / Sosua / Cabarete

    For many year I have gone to Dental Cibao Spa in Santiago. They are great and I feel very confident with them. However the drive is very cumbersome. So I am seeking something closer to home. Thank you!
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    Sosúa Beach Renovations

    They are actively working on the plaza on the El Batey side.
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    Another Price Smart for Santiago?

    Please! Put one in Puerto Plata!
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    Super Pola in Sosua, closing?

    Playero is locally owned and run in a very hands on manner. I often see the owner inside scrutinizing the shelves. As an example, the cashiers in Playero are much better then in Super Pola where they are sitting in ridiculous chairs and are undisciplined.
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    Super Pola in Sosua, closing?

    Bottom Line: Super Pola in Sosua is not is expanding.....getting bigger......the work is being done right now.
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    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    and every few days they put up a corplatta sign , like they are proud of what they are doing, and in an hour the sign falls into the ditch and becomes part of the mess.
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    Best place to by a new motorcycle close to sosua

    I bought mine in Papaterra. They gave me good service.
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    I've decided I'm going to learn how to play a harmonica

    I started playing the Ukulele a year ago and will perform 2 songs at a friend's dinner tonight (one Chanukah song and one Christmas song) . I recommend the Ukulele very much. It is a fun instrument , very user friendly ...very approachable. You will be playing songs within a few weeks. A good...
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    Thank Corraplata for the mess

    It's mind blowing how bad this road is now. AMET has people working at 5pm on Sunday in obscure corners of El Batey to catch motos without helmets BUT they can't assign someone to direct traffic on this 2 lane 2 way road that has now become a 1 lane road. Both AMET and Corplatta are useless.
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    Casa Cuesta

    Aliss is home furnishings/cookware and Clothing. Nothing like Jumbo. Aliss is always a fun store to browse.
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    Dermatologist recommendation and cost

    I concur....I've seen her and I like her a lot. But be prepared to wait.
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    President Abinader: The Dominican border will never be the same

    He is dignified , intelligent , and very well spoken. I was proud to listen to him, especially considering some of the current bozo world leaders out there.