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    DR Canadians - How are you managing your taxes?

    I'm looking at retiring in DR but I am trying to determine whether I can afford to or not. I have read plenty of Canadian and Dominican Tax forms and treaties etc. but I would like to hear from some Canadians living in DR (residents or DR Citizens) as to how they are actually doing their taxes...
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    Canadians in DR

    To my fellow Canadians....Help, please. I am considering moving to the DR from Ontario. I am gathering information so that I can make an informed decision. I would appreciate any advise you might have to offer and have many questions. Please PM me... Mucho gracias,
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    Calling Canada from DR

    Does anyone know a relatively reliable and inexpensive method to call Canada from the DR? Are there phone cards available and can they be purchased through the internet? I have found a few in around the $.042-.052 mark. But I am not sure of their reliability or reputation. Thanks for the...
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    Help..I am looking for an apt in Punta Cana

    Hi everyone, I need your help. I am looking to rent a furnished apartment in the Punta Cana area. The closer to the Barcelo resort the better. Possibly a house or part. Suitable for a couple. I wish to rent for 1-2 months starting in February\March 2005 and would like something close to...
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    obtaining proper consent when immigrating to Canada

    Does anyone know what immigration Canada will require if I sponsor my wife (not married yet) to come to Canada with her 2 children and the children's father is deceased. Is a death certificate mandatory? My wife to be was never actually married to the father, only common law. Is there any other...
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    Transportation from Peurto Plata to Punta Cana

    Can anyone tell me the cheapest way to travel from Peurto Plata to Punta Cana? Approximately how far is it? Is it better to fly? Are there buses or guaguas available. Can I rent a motorcycle... Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks... ;)
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    I need a birth certificate for an unregistered child

    Help... My fiancee is trying to get a birth certificate for one of her children that was not registered early enough after birth. The father is deceased and she does not have a death certificate. Does anyone know how we would go about getting this birth certificate. Are there forms...