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    Anti Dominican Film

    I recently found this in craigslist, looks like they are doing a one sided film. I sent them an email, below. You may wish to look at the whole history of the situation. Fact is this same thing happen in the 1920’s and DR lost the province of Hinche the size of Santiago back then. This...
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    Need Webmaster in Santiago area

    Looking to partner with webmaster, I have done websites in the past, but I don?t wish to do develop them any more. If interested in been an outsource resources for my clients please contact me. I only wish to deal with in the Dominican Republic I prefer Santiago, in order to help my compatriot?s...
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    Business Idea - Independent and Assisted Living

    Tell me why this will not work, with the baby boomers looking for alternative retirement residential and living possibly and so many Dominicans wishing to return back, plus a ready and available cheap Dominican medical work force. I found that POP had many hotels for sale. Why not turn them...
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    Santiago, Licey Al Medio

    Will be visiting family second week of December in Licey Al Medio. Please no protest, be happy.