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    " The End of the AirCocaine " saga.
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    New test to live in the DR.

    If you are offended by a term like "woke", believe the earth is flat and that dinosaurs are a myth invented by communism, the DR hardly needs your contribution. Dominicans are, imo, one of the most welcoming and tolerant folks, I have come across....... And I wouldn't mind it staying that way...
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    Food places

    Long story short I will be staying a night or 2 in SD--- toque de quede and all. Bright side is I will take a bus down and save myself from going crazy driving in traffic. Anyhow, I am staying near Pianiti (sp?), and was wondering if anybody has some good tips for some "western" style...
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    Interesting article
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    El Presidente habla....
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    Government online services.

    Anybody managed to link a foreign debit/credit card to online government services ? If so, how ? Thanks
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    Interesting article.
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    Travelled back to the DR.

    Arrived back in the DR on the 24th. A couple of observations: - I was on a weekly flight from Switzerland. Swiss inside Switzerland, edelweiss to the DR. Swiss told me the edelweiss flight was only 40% full......... The other 60% continued on to Cancun, apparently. - Along side the usual...
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    Looking for information.

    I have been out of the DR for nearly 4 months . Decided yesterday to fly back next Saturday, so everything is quite rushed. What are the " covid rules " ? Is a curfew still in place ? If so, what times ? Case in point, I am hearing different things from different dominican sources. Ranging...
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    Overabundance of chickens.

    Was at a nearby " town" today----searching for something that I didn't find 😓----- and there was a huge commotion on a street corner. While I was queuing outside the agro-vet, I inquired about the ruckus, naturally. What could warrant dozens and dozens of people to queue up under the sun-----...
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    Government aid/help

    We all heard the President announcing exceptional measures to help dominicans get through the covid19 crisis. Amongst other measures, the amount given out on the tajeta de solidaridad is to be augmented. Is there anyway to verify if said tajetas were issued ? The conditions to actually get one...
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    200$ limit customs thingy ?

    Aside from dr1, who actually told you guys about this ? The mudanza (?) , the forwarding company ? I sent myself ( if you see what i mean ) a huge box from New York ( well maybe New Jersey ---- can't remember ) and paid around 100$ , i also shared a huuuge box with a relative sent from europe...
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    Municipales del 16 febrero 2020.

    I was sitting around, catching the breeze and of course somebody started talking politics. 10 people were there...... all 10 swore that if you voted for a " blanco" for alcade you absolutely had to vote for a " blanco " for syndico....... or else your vote was not counted. I said no, i don't...
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    I have been looking into diversifying banking tools since the talk on dr1 of credit cards. Done some research, into credit cards for europeans and it turns out it is not really a thing in europe, outside of the UK. Basically we have access to americanexpress------- but all of them have annual...
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    Transit " accident"

    While driving in santiago the other day, i was changing lane and the jeep behind me hit me ( well i sort of drifted over------ using my signals---- in start and stop traffic). Anyhow she ----- it was a female driver----- sort of slipped off my back bumper metal bar thingy protector and left...
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    Jumbo POP.

    Hands down THE worst supermarket I have visited in the dr. Cramped : you actually have to manoeuvre your trolley around the corners of the alleys....... + the aisles are nowhere wide enough..... What kind of idiot designed this place ? Poor selection ...
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    Root canal

    What can i expect to pay for a root canal ?
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    A light in the dark.... Serves him right for getting the 2 guys arrested this weekend at the game.
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    Car accident--- veron

    Street rumors........disclaimer. 2 guys from a campo near me went to pick up a french lady at punta cana airport, not clear when, yesterday or the day before. It was an internet meet up (erm, erm ), and she came to visit, which is already crazy since the campo in question is something straight...
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    Republica Digital

    Yesterday, the kids from the different towns and villages were taking on a bus trip to POP. The goal was to take possession of their own personal computer !!!!! Each child from 8th grade/year was presented with one. Even the undocumented kids ( though they have to leave it at school ). It is a...