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    Abinader: The best days for tourism industry are yet to come

    Our the infrastructure like water and sewer for bávaro los corales área??
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    President Luis Abinader: DR is a sure bet for investors

    I wish they would fix the water and sewage problems in the punta cana ,bavero beach area. It's growing so fast more and more condos but no clean water,and sewage ends up on the streets when it rains. Why would you invest in a place with these problems.
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    Show a vaccination card or Covid-19 test to enter the airport

    Will they do they same here in punta cana airport??
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    Canada announces vaccine mandate for air travel

    That's not fair to say we don't have the spine to push back yes we do when it's the right time and the right reason ! This is not it ! We need to listen to the science,and they are learning more every day. This is a New pandemic ,there's learning and discovery yet to be done . So shut it on the...
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    Canada announces vaccine mandate for air travel

    No unlikely we are aware it's better to be vaccinated than not
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    Grace forces Abinader to cancel his trip to Puerto Plata

    So who is willy and what changes are being made there in Sosua
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    Tourism grows in leaps and bounds; record bookings for November and December

    It was bad a few months ago then cleared up ,are you saying it's back again??
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    2021 Hurricane Season

    I guess your name Sailor wasn't enough of a clue lol.
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    Hungarian scammer caught and deported

    Of course your right. criminals are stupid. Narcissistic!
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    Bringing dog to DR

    Can anyone tell me if I need more than proof of rabies when I bring my dog to DR for 6 months?? I'm coming from Canada and was recently told by a vet that i need papers and vet from Agricultural Canada to sign off on the dog to travel. Saying the DR requires it??? Another cost of 100$. What's...
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    Travel is on everyone’s mind; Tourism Minister says travel stats in March look good

    Yes it is !!! I want to get back to my life in the DR . Winter sucks!
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    The humpback whales are back

    The whales will do much better without as many boats running around them and their young.
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    Need info of company NEDOCA

    Has anyone had water collect at the bottom ? And what can I do to fix it? Or who can I call?
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    Air Transat bets on Canadians traveling this winter

    A lot of us go for up to 6 months, I have no problem with quarantine, before and after if need be.