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    Does anyone know a sailboat......

    Does anyone know a sailboat called Blown Away III or its owners?
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    LUPERON On board security

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    POP airport to Metro Bus station.....

    Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. Flying into POP for the first time. Arriving from Providenciales around midday and need to get to Metro to pick up the 2pm bus to the capital.....recommendations please for the easiest way to do that. FYG I do not ride with motoconchos, comfort...
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    Intersection of 27 Febrero & Privada- Expect chaos for the rest of the year

    Well, those of you who use the busiest intersection of the western end of 27 Febrero, can expect even more commuting misery from now until the end of the year whilst "the only game in town" the Odebrecht/Estrella consortium builds a traffic overpass. The Ministry of Public Works (that's an...
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    Thank you to The Gorgon

    Now that all the paperwork has been completed successfully and the title transferred to me, I want to use this forum to say a big thank you to Mike the Gorgon for his invaluable assistance and selfless efforts to locate a reliable pre-owned vehicle of the make and model I wanted and well within...
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    Good Old Daily Mail - nearly one year late........

    but better late than never, so they say.............. Britons holidaying in Caribbean warned of chikungunya virus sweeping across islands | Daily Mail Online
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    ?Centro Medico Camino del Sol? in Sosua

    Does any one know anything about or have any experience with this clinic, Dr. Saji Pilai or the general manager Ms. Irene Elena ?? Any information greatly appreciated. PM me to guarantee confidentiality. Thanks.
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    Retrieving Rental Deposit from Banco Agricola

    My rental contract was subject to 2 months deposit. The deposit was banked by the houseowners with Banco Agricola, I have a copy of the receipt for the deposit at the bank and I would like to know what is the proper procedure for retrieving the deposit. Is this something that the houseowners...
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    How much gas do you get for your money?

    I received this information from the "software maven" in our corporate IT division, who circulated it to the entire staff. I don't know if it's true, proceed with caution but it's worth checking out. Usually when we buy fuel for our vehicles we ask either in terms of the amount of money we want...
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    Fire at Plaza Luperon

    A fire which broke out in the underground warehouse of La Sirena at Plaza Luperon (intersection of Independencia and Luperon) earlier this evening is still not under control. So far the bomberos have had to refill their tanks about 30 times and water is being continually trucked in by CAASD...
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    Time travel machine on La Catolica

    Just thought I'd like to share this. From time to time I have the occasion to conduct some transactions at the main branch of Banreservas on Isabel La Catolica in the Colonial City. Stepping into this bank is like being transported 50-75 years or more back in time. The bank is constructed...
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    Centro Medico Cabarete - Dr Roberto Caballi

    Can anyone up there recommend Centro Medico Cabarete and/or Dr Roberto Caballi. Would be good to hear from anyone with positive or negative experiences they can share. Thanks
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    2011 - New Year's Resolutions

    OK, Let's see what everybody's resolutions are going to be, starting with mine. In 2011, I'm going to limit my drinking to twice a year only. When it rains, and when it doesn't!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL Best, Bryan
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    CLARO TV in Santo Domingo West

    Does anyone have any recent experiences to share about Claro Tv in the western suburbs of Santo Domingo ?...Bella Vista, Los Cacicazgos, etc., I've been advised to consult users in my area before deciding to sign up. Thanks & best, Bryan
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    Satellite TV in Santo Domingo

    Does anyone in/around the Bella Vista neighbourhood have any experience/recommendations for Sat TV. I'm fed up with service and content of locally available cable and looking for an alternative. Thanks, Bryan
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    International Drivers License

    Does anybody know if there is such a thing as an international drivers license issued by any organisation in the DR? Is there a Dominican Automobile Club? Any ideas or experience with this? Thanks, Bryan
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    A day in Haiti

    Hi All, I spent yesterday (Sunday) getting to Port au Prince and back and spending a few work related hours there. I went with two of my surveyors to inspect damages in the main port areas and another couple of facilities on behalf of international insurers. Getting to the border crossing from...
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    3 Questions for techies

    Hi, Question 1: Does anyone know anything about unlocking the Latin America (including Caribbean, and therefore the question IS DR-related) region code on DVD players? The Samsung P290K purchased here, is coded for region 4. In the past it has been possible to unlock DVD player region code by...
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    Quality Shoe Repairs in Santo Domingo??

    Recommendations please....... Thanks,
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    SD to Port au Prince

    Has anyone flown recently from Santo Domingo (Las Americas or Higuero) to Port au Prince and back? Apparently Caribair and Volair are no longer flying this route and there is only one scheduled flight per day which leaves for Haiti so it's no longer possible to fly out in the morning and back...