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Thread: The BOSS is always 'The BOSS'

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    Default The BOSS is always 'The BOSS'

    In a recent thread in the Santo Domingo Forum closed before I could respond to Africaida (whose legitimate post was subsequently deleted) I was unable to post the following. As it is pertinent to that thread, I feel I have to start a new thread so that "some might be able to learn something from it".

    Quote Originally Posted by Africaida View Post
    For some reasons, his posts never seem to get deleted, while others do
    DR1 is a reflection of the country we live in .......... The DR!! Pay enough (misplaced) diligence to the right people , brown-nose sufficiently & you can write/upset whoever you like with impunity. And Woe Betide those who legitimately come after you!

    Just to get this thread BACK ON TRACK & away from the 'It's all about me' guy (as promised a few posts ago) ...... I have re read the OPs first posts. NO WONDER he never came back as this was taken completely away from his original question - what (if anything) to do in reporting the incident. The OP (in my humble opinion) recognised his errors & was NOT looking for sympathy or his moment of infamy (unlike others). He received this girl (barrio type NOT confirmed so mention of this is supposition at least) when she had somehow got round the security guards (there to prevent unauthorised entries??) & was then supposedly drugged inside his own home. How the H*ll we got on to the subject of 'The Sosua mentality', the 'North Coast whoring crowds' & 'I am superior to ALL of you because I have never had any problems in this country' (Hmmm, I wonder if he still remembers his Costambar days????) is beyond me. Must be a fetish of his!!

    As Others have said before - why put people on 'Ignore' when there is so much fun to be had reading the 'Self Promoting B/S' written by them? Even in the days of 'The English Twit' & our revered 'Real Estate God' (also a one time brown-noser) did I ever contemplate missing out on reading the idiotic vile that used to come our way - it was quite a hoot & in the end, the 'powers that be' saw the light!!! Maybe again?? ~ Grahame.

    Now the chances of this getting deleted are fairly high (due to the constructive criticism contained in the post) so please read it quickly & make a mental note as to the lessons that can be learned from it.

    The BOSS is not always RIGHT ........ but he is always the BOSS & will doubtless remain so even after some of us are 'FIRED'!!

    My QUESTION to all is .....
    How can we justifiably complain about the rich & powerful of this country riding roughshod over populace if we employ the same principles on a notice board like this? ~ Grahame.

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    If you have issues with DR1 and the way it is run, you have options, Google is your friend. Nobody is forcing you to participate here.

    We also give full refunds to those that are really not happy



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