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    Default Translation and directions help needed please, asap.

    Hi, I desperately need to give someone directions to the Balaguer, La Isabella or Higuero airport in Santo Domingo. If you could write directions from SDQ airport to Balaguer, La Isabella or Higuero airport for me in Spanish I would very much appreciate it.
    The person is completely untechy or I'd just send a link with a map but it looks like I will have to send this to a third party and get them to print it off and deliver it to them, saying that I'm not even sure they can read. This is all about my return flight going into Punta Cana and them thinking it would be easier to drive to punta cana to collect me rather than Balaguer, La Isabella or Higuero airport. Someone who has lived thier life in Santo Domingo and doesn't know where it is seems rediculous but............

    Even better would be directions with a map for idiots if anyone has got a link.

    (I'd figure it out myself if I had time but this is a bit urgent)

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    Default directiones al aeropuerto Higuero/La Isabela-Dr Joaquin Balaguer

    1) coje la Autopista Las Americas en camino a la capital, Santo Domingo.
    2) coje la Avenida Charles de Gaulle en camino a Villa Mella
    3) Av Charles de Gaulle se convierte in Av Konrad Adenauer despues de la Av Hermanas Mirabal
    4) Av Konrad Adenauer se convierte en la Av Presidente Jacobo Majluta Azar
    5) coje la Av Presidente Antonio Guzman Fernandez via al aeropuerto

    Higuero/La Isabela-Dr. Joaqun Balaguer Airport profile - Aviation Safety Network

    good luck.


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