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Thread: East coast basic information

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    Default East coast basic information

    I've compiled an up-to-date roundup of recent replies to the most frequently asked questions about the east coast. Posters are invited to add categories and update this information, which is valid at the date of posting.

    The subjects covered are:

    1. Map
    2. Buses to/from Santo Domingo - direct and via Higuey, buses to airport.
    3. Non-AI hotels
    4. Health care facilities
    5. Schools
    6. Courier services

    The main sources are DR1 posters Caribbeandreamto - Caribbean Dream - Tours & Excursions - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
    Yb1 - Punta Cana TV

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    1. Maps.
    A selection of good maps of the area is available from: Punta Cana Map | punta cana tv

    2. Public transport - this question comes up with increasing frequency.

    Bávaro/Punta Cana to/from Santo Domingo

    Metro Bus and Caribe Tours do not service the east. Although they have local offices, they only offer private bus hire and Metro has its courier service with pick-up points in Punta Cana Village (Mail Boxes Etc) and at their offices near the Coco Loco crossing.

    Direct service:
    Expreso Bávaro
    From Punta Cana Bavaro to Santo Domingo
    From Bavaro, one can take the Expreso Bavaro Bus directly to Santo Domingo. Travellers can board and/or purchase a ticket for Expreso Bavaro from the Bavaro Bus Station just a block south of the Friusa Intersection on the Avenida Estados Unidos 809.552.1678. You may also board at the Veron stop along the Carretera Luperon-Punta Cana 809.455.1473. Departure times from the Bavaro Bus Station are: 7am, 10 am, 2pm, and 4pm. Tickets cost RD$375 for both adults and children. Note that the Expreso Bavaro Buses leave from the bus station in Friusa and pass by the Veron stop on the way to Santo Domingo, so pick-up times are approximately a half an hour after the original departure time.
    The buses are large and well maintained with air conditioning that can be self controlled from your seat. The driver will also put on one to two movies during the trip. Unfortunately, there is no bathroom on the bus so be prepared. Your next and only opportunity to purchase refreshments and/or use the restroom is about two hours into the trip at a highway rest stop called La Lechonera. The rest stop is basically a buffet style stop-off where you can purchase a wide array of chow such as chicken, fish, pork, rice, snacks, sweets and drinks. The restrooms are acceptable at the very least.
    Upon entering Santo Domingo, the driver is flexible with letting passengers off. The normal stops are in front of the Dario Contreras Hospital on Santo Domingo’s east side, the corner of Calle Josefa Brea & 27 de Febrero and the last stop on Juan Sanchez Ramirez, off of Maximo Gomez. Simply ask the driver if you have a particular stop in between the ones previously mentioned and he will find the solution.

    Getting to Bavaro from Santo Domingo
    The bus is picked up just off the Avenida Maximo Gomez on Juan Sanchez Ramirez #31 809.682.9670 just about a half a block from the Supermercado Nacional. Departure times are the same as in Bavaro 7am, 10am, 2pm and 4pm.
    Before leaving the city, the bus will make one more stop at El Parque Enriquillo on Avenida Duarte. Tickets can also be purchased at this location. If you forgot to buy a snack or drink for the ride, the Parque Enriquillo stop is your last chance. Outside the bus there’s plenty of vendors knocking on the window selling refreshments and you’ll have a few minutes purchasing time if need be.
    Just like the bus ride from Bavaro to Santo Domingo, you will have one opportunity to use the bathroom and buy food or drink at the La Lechonera rest stop, about two hours into the trip.
    The Bavaro stops begin at Veron, which is basically the entrance to the area of Bavaro. You will need to get off here if you are going to a hotel or resort in Cabeza de Toro as well as resorts to the south towards Juanillo, such as Club Med and the Punta Cana Beach Resort. The last local buses for both of these routes pass through Veron at 6:30 pm, so if you arrive later, the driver will drop you off at the taxi station just down the highway from the normal stop.
    Once the Expreso Bavaro bus reaches Bavaro, it is no longer an express bus. From the bus’s first stop at Veron, to its last stop at Friusa, the driver will let passengers off wherever they please.
    The last stop is called Friusa, located at the main bus terminal on the Avenida Estados Unidos about another half hour from Veron. Here you will encounter numerous local buses that sweep past nearly every hotel and resort in the Cortecito and Arena Gorda area. These local buses run much later, till 10:30pm, since most resorts are located in this sector and more hotel employees need to be shuttled around.

    There are also 8am and 3pm departures that go all the way to Punta Cana Airport. If you take any of the other Expreso Bávaro buses, get off at Cruce de Verón and stand at the roadside next to the Shell Station – Sitrabapu guaguas (minibuses) pass every 15 minutes or so and continue to the airport.

    There is a more frequent but indirect service via Higuey. From Bávaro/Punta Cana take a guagua to Higuey and ask for the stop where the buses depart for the Capital (Sichoprola)

    3. Non AI hotels
    Hotel Naragua - 20 minutes from airport in Cabeza de Toro
    Welcome to the Frontpage
    budget hotel, basic but clean, rooms around 40$US per night
    809 468 3060

    Hotel Flamboyan - 30 mins from airport
    Bavaro Punta Cana Hotel - Flamboyan
    809 552 0372

    Hotel Cayacoa - near hotel flamboyan
    809 552 0622 / 809 552 0624

    The Bowman Hotel - 30 mins from airport
    Plaza Brisas on Ave Espana
    The Bowman Hotel - Home
    809 552 0102
    email: [email protected]

    El Castillo Real - 20 mins from airport, budget hotel (rooms from 700rd)
    apartahotel castillo real

    Las Piedras Guesthouse - 25 minutes from airport, near Fruisa bus station
    doesn't have own website, this link gives description + map

    Guesthouse Las Piedras, Punta Cana, República Dominicana
    email: [email protected] / [email protected]
    809 889 2873

    Cortecito Inn - 35 mins from airport
    across the road from the beach in Cortecito
    budget hotel
    email: [email protected]
    809 552 0639

    Hotel Natural Village - 30 minutes from airport in Bavaro (see map on their website)
    very nice little hotel, clean, modern but simple, pool, Italian run restaurant on site.
    Natural Village Club - Hotel Bavaro Punta Cana
    double rooms around 80$US per night
    Email: [email protected]
    tel: 809 552 1164

    Golf Suites Hotel - 30 mins from airport in Bavaro
    not 100% sure if they rent for one night only.
    Phone: +1 809 552 8888
    E-mail: [email protected]

    more upmarket:
    Golden Bear Lodge Cap Cana - 15 minutes from airport
    Golden Bear Lodge & Spa
    Phone: 1-809-469-7425
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Puntacana Resort & Club - 10 minutes from airport
    Luxury Hotel Rooms and Suites in Punta Cana
    around 124$US per night, incl. taxes
    809 959 2262

    4. Health care facilities - these are the three main private clinics in the Bávaro-Punta Cana area:

    Hospiten Hospiten

    Centro Médico Punta Cana Rescue Punta Cana Home

    Centro Médico Bávaro Centro Médico Caribe Bávaro

    5. Schools - these are the main private schools.

    PCIS – bilingual PUNTACANA International School

    Heritage – bilingual - Heritage School At Cap Cana

    Calasanz – Spanish - Colegio Calasanz Bávaro

    Jardin Verde

    Dominico-Cubano Carrusel

    Montessori (due to open 2011-2012 school year) Colegio Villa Montessori

    6. Couriers
    For receiving packets and correspondence from overseas:

    MBE – Punta Cana Village and Palma Real Shopping Village (Business Centre)

    CPS - Amstar Business Center, Suite No. 403, Ctra. Verón- Barceló, Bávaro
    Phone: 809 455 1620

    For courier service inside the DR
    Metropac – at MBE PC Village and Coco Loco crossing, also in Friusa (to all cities serviced by Metro Bus)

    Expreso Bávaro (to Santo Domingo only from their Verón and Friusa offices)
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    good compile of info

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    A new addition to the schools list is the Bávaro Bilingual School
    Bavaro Bilingual School - Home
    Ave. Estados Unidos
    Frente al Campo de Golf Iberostar
    Bavaro, Higuey, La Altagracia
    ph: (809)468-4234
    alt: (809)468-4023
    [email protected]

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    what a great list of information. we are a retired couple that just moved here and this list is very good information.

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    An addendum to the non-AI Hotels list was posted in another thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by KateP
    A friend of mine is opening up a hostal in Pueblo Bavaro, just 10 minutes away from the airport. Here's the link to his website Hostal Manaca Bed & Breakfast . So now we'll have another relatively inexpensive option close-by...

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    Question Expreso Bávaro Sunday timetable

    First thanks for this excellent info,

    Does the Expreso Bávaro run 7 days a week?
    My issue is - would be wanting to leave from Bavaro to Santo Domingo on a Sunday
    and then returning to Bavaro on a Sunday 2 weeks later.

    Hard for me to plan without knowing for sure, do things run normal on a Sunday?


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    Bavaro Express runs seven days a week. Leaves Bavaro at 7AM, 10AM,2PM, and 4PM. Not sure of return times.

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    The return timetable from SD to Bávaro is the same: 7am, 10am, 2pm and 4pm to Bávaro; 8am and 3pm to Punta Cana airport.

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    Amendments to Schools List:
    Jardin Verde is now Dominico-Cambridge

    Trinity School has changed its name. Will post once I have the details.

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