For the past more than 20 years I have been going to specialists in Santo Domingo for all but the common cold, with the exception of Dra Dilcia Mercado at Bournigal in Puerto Plata who deals with the respiratory problems I have. However, for various reasons I decided to see if I could find really good replacements closer to home.

For my eyes, Dra Mercado recommended Dra Daisy Sanchez, Ophthalmologist at Bournigal, her doctor for eyes.

Dra. Sanchez checked my eyes this morning and I was very pleased. She was efficient, thorough, and seemed very competent. She also has a sense of humor. She prefers Spanish if you can speak it, otherwise English.

I highly recommend her. She is in #212 and the office phone is 809-261-5591. She is also trained as an eye surgeon and did post graduate work in glaucoma.