The team have been asked to post this on behalf of AAASosua.

Just because?

Many Thanks to Karine and the local veterinarians from her area in Canada who donated much needed medical supplies. We continue to help local pet owners with medical supplies prescribed by a local veterinarian when we have no veterinarian visiting our clinic. Flea/tick products are a must here year round.

Super couple Joep and Vicky also came by just to make a donation because they care. Their donation allows us to share our resources of basic needs with those who need it most.. Food, shampoo and anti parasite medication.

AAAS appreciates people like this and the others who continue to support us. Our focus has changed after 20 years of service to the many animals in need here.
With the influx of many new animal rescue groups in our area and many local veterinarians who now participate, the environment is much different than when we started AAAS in 1998.
Those who were here know the huge need we had to fill in the early years. There was no one to help impoverished pets and/or the street and beach dogs. We have worked hard over the years and have made a huge impact of the lives of the animals here. Providing spay/neuter, vaccines and other medical needs as we could.
Not only did we establish a viable organization , we gained the trust of local residents and developed a surgical protocol which is safe and humane. We have always believed the animals, no matter what the economic status, deserve the best affordable technology and care available. With the assistance of trained animal care professionals safe humane services can be made available to many at a low cost.
It is unfortunate that here there is no monitoring system for animal care here right now. From surgery to rescue it seems like anything goes. With no oversight lay people with no training can do veterinary procedures, supply drugs and give out medical advice, animal rescue easily turns to hoarding all at the expense of international donors who get to read whatever a person or organization wants to post. Cute photos, number of animals helped, financial reports and heartbreaking or heartwarming stories are all the rage.
The Internet and Social Media has changed life as we knew it
AAAS will continue on using our experience as our guide to best use our funding to work from the heart and provide services to those that need us most.
Thank you again to all who continue to support our work.

Judith Liggio
AAA Sosua