Just as I thought I have seen it all after 18 years of living in the D.R.

I live at the top of a steep hill, in a low density housing area.

Many drivers drive up the hill to the top to turn around.
3 Point "U turns" on a road seems to be beyond their abilities.
Or they just prefer doing "7 Point" U turns at the top of the hill.

As many of you know, I have many security cameras, one being a 36x PTZ.

Last night at 11:20pm +/-, a fairly new SUV comes up the hill, makes it's multiple points U turn and starts back down, stopping about 30 feet from the top.

Two guys get out, one from each side, and then proceed to create their instant Dominican bathroom.

I already have the 36x PTZ camera zoomed in on them as at first I did not know what they were up to. (Lot's of ladrone here).

Both guys were up close and "personal" with the SUV, which is normal for taking a "P" in public.
What was not normal was seeing the "P" running down the drivers door.

The driver was actually "Peeing" on the door of the fairly new SUV.

Forget about acid rain, these guys bring their own!!!!!