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Thread: DR1 Daily News - Wednesday, 6 June 2018

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    Politicians get 30 more days to discuss Political Parties Bill
    Government to build multimodal transport station for northern Santo Domingo
    Another skylift could connect Santo Domingo West to city metro
    Disputes between transport authorities
    911 to be expanded, says Montalvo
    Offshore bank account details of Odebrecht accused
    Panama wants more trade with Dominican Republic
    Rosa M. Bonetti recognized by UN award
    8.3% of people living in Dominican Republic are foreigners
    RD$50 million to improve conditions of soldiers on the border with Haiti
    Eat fresh fruits to deal with heat
    Ship rescued off north coast of the DR
    Spaniard arrested trying to flee, accused of beating his spouse
    DR loses to Netherlands in Volleyball Nations League
    Jazz and blues with Gustavo de Hostos at Hard Rock

    Politicians get 30 more days to discuss Political Parties Bill
    The Chamber of Deputies approved an extension of 30 days for the studying of the Political Parties Bill. The motion was submitted by the Chamber of Deputies special commission that is studying the bill. The commission is presided by Deputy Henry Meran. The announcement was made by the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Rubén Maldonado.

    The bill has stagnated for around two decades in the National Congress. But now the Central Electoral Board (JCE) says that the 2020 general elections are complex and are needing of the regulation.

    Political analysts say that what has been missing is for the two kingpins of the ruling PLD political party, President Danilo Medina and former President Leonel Fernandez, to reach an agreement on key issues, such as the method on how the presidential candidates of the political parties will be chosen.

    Government to build multimodal transport station for northern Santo Domingo
    Public Works Minister Gonzalo Castillo says the government is working on the construction of a major multimodal transport central station for the northern entrance to Greater Santo Domingo. The center would serve as a distributor for ground transport headed to 14 provinces in the central Cibao region, Greater Santo Domingo with connections to the Santo Domingo Metro line 2, OMSA buses and an eventual skylift to connect Los Alcarrizos.

    As reported in El Dia, President Danilo Medina would make the announcement of the Estación de Transporte Interurbano del Cibao on Thursday, 7 June 2018. The bus operations located on the rotunda of Duarte Highway Km 9 and those at Enriquillo Park off Av. Duarte in the National District would be relocated there.

    Castillo told El Dia reporters that this would reduce traffic congestion in the National District. The investment is estimated at RD$450 million and is contemplated in the 2018 National Budget. The URBE governmental unit would build the skylift. URBE recently delivered the construction of the first Santo Domingo skylift over the Ozama River.

    Another skylift could connect Santo Domingo West to city metro
    According to the Mayor of Santo Domingo West, Francisco Peña, President Danilo Medina is in favor of the construction of a skylift will be built in the municipality of Los Alcarrizos to connect to the Duarte Highway metro station. Five stations are being considered. Originally, an underground metro line had been contemplated.

    Mayor Peña said that the main station would be located in Los Alcarrizos, in Puerto Blanco. Others would be located in Hato Nuevo, at the Manoguayabo crossroads, Las Palmas de Herrera and the Km. 9 of Duarte Highway.

    Mayor Junior Santos of Los Alcarrizos has also spoken out in favor of the skylift solution. He said around 500,000 would benefit from the construction of the skylift. The project also includes the construction of a bus terminal.

    The Santo Domingo Skylift crosses from Gualey on the western side of Ozama River to Los Tres Brazos on the eastern side.

    Disputes between transport authorities
    What agency should be doing what to improve ground transport? Listin Diario reports that there are big disagreements on what agency should be undertaking which tasks between the General Office of Security of Transport and Ground Transport (Digesett) that is the former Amet, and the main ground transit body, the National Institute of Transit and Ground Transport (Intrant) which came into being with the enactment of the new Law 63-17 on Movement, Ground Transport, Transit and Road Safety.

    The law came into effect in February 2017 but it was not until July that Intrant began to work under the leadership of Claudia Franchesca de los Santos. The law is being very gradually implemented.

    It appears that there is a blurring of responsibilities with Digesett carrying out signage work, and the repair of roads and sidewalks. Officers from the Ministry of Public Works complain this work is their responsibility, working under the coordination of Intrant. Recently, when Intrant directed signage work carried out by the Ministry of Public Works at the intersection of avenues John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, Digesett officials took these down. Also circulating on social media are other cases of conflict caused by the two overlapping organizations regarding traffic jams, work on roads, and breathalyzers.

    911 to be expanded, says Montalvo
    Minister of the Presidency Gustavo Montalvo says that the 911 Emergency System will reach 92% of the population by 2020, at a cost of more than RD$5 billion.

    He said the system is yielding dividends for the population. He explained in areas where the 911 Emergency System is up and running, homicides are down around 9% and vehicle theft is down 35%. Deaths due to respiratory difficulties are down to only 2%.

    More than 150,000 incidents have been recorded by surveillance video in the four years the service has been in operation.

    Offshore bank account details of Odebrecht accused
    Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez has received from his Panamanian counterpart, Kenia Porcell, concerning offshore banking activities of the 14 individuals state prosecutors have implicated in the Odebrecht bribe scandal as well as on their families. Those implicated are Ángel Rondón Rijo, Conrado Pittaluga, Víctor Díaz Rúa, Temístocles Montás, Andrés Bautista, Radhamés Segura, Ruddy González, Máximo D’Oleo, César Sánchez, Bernardo Castellanos de Moya, Roberto Rodríguez Hernández, Julio César Valentín, Tommy Alberto Galán and Alfredo Pacheco Osoria.

    In addition to their current financial holdings in Panama, also provided were copies of all transactions and transfers between January 2001 and December 2014.

    In the document provided also mentioned are 20 people including wives, children, brothers and others linked to those implicated of receiving the US$92 million from Odebrecht to secure state works.

    The Attorney General’s Office has also asked for the same information from authorities in Argentina, Spain and the Bahamas.

    The office has until 9 June 2018, to file charges against those suspected of being involved in the government construction works bribery scandal.

    Panama wants more trade with Dominican Republic
    The general manager of the Colon Free Zone in Panama, Manuel Grimaldo was in Santo Domingo to announce that a business event is scheduled for 6 July 2018 at the InterContinental Real Hotel in Santo Domingo for the signing of new business alliances with Dominican companies and Colon Free Zone companies in Panama. The focus is primarily on alliances with Dominican free zones.

    “The Dominican Republic is a good market, the country with the third largest population in the Caribbean. The challenge is to foster an increase in trade and that both countries generate business and take advantage of opportunities,” said Grimaldo. He says Panama brings to the table a logistics hub that can serve as a platform for regional products to reach markets in Europe, Asia and other countries. He says they can offer credit, consolidated cargo and fast delivery of merchandise.

    He said the Dominican Republic is already importing more than US$500 million from the Colon Free Zone, while it is exporting around US$100 million.

    For more information, see
    or call 809 707-1414.

    Rosa M. Bonetti recognized by UN award
    Dominican business woman Rosa M. Bonetti (Doña Pirigua) received the Women Together Awards, in the Category of Sustainability, during an event at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. The president of the Propagas Foundation received the award at the 15th edition of the Women Together Awards.

    8.3% of people living in Dominican Republic are foreigners
    According to the second National Survey of Immigrants 2017 (Segunda Encuesta Nacional de Inmigrantes ENI-2017) there are 847,979 foreigners living in the Dominican Republic, or 8.3% of the total population. Of these, 570,933 of the immigrants or 87.2 % are Haitian and the rest are from Venezuela, the United States, Spain and Italy.

    Looking at this year’s figures compared with 2012, there has been primarily an increase in the number of Haitian and Venezuelan immigrants. The government reports the survey showed an increase of 46,300 foreign persons, or 2% more than results shown six years ago by ENI-2012.

    The report, which was presented on Tuesday, 5 June 2018 at the Presidential Palace, shows that 66.4% of the Haitians in the country live in urban areas and 62.9% are male.

    39.5% of the foreigners are from 20 to 34 years old; 69% reside in urban areas.

    The ENI-2017 poll revealed that 33.8% of the Haitian population works on farms, 26.3% in construction, 16.3% in commerce.

    The research also showed that the largest numbers of Haitians live in Pedernales (27.3%), Montecristi (26.7%), Elías Piña (24%), Valverde (21.9%), El Seibo (19.6%), Dajabón (14.9%), La Altagracia (16.7%), La Romana (13.6%), Puerto Plata (12.4%), Independencia (11.2%), Barahona (10.8%), Santiago Rodríguez (10.3%), San José de Ocoa (10.3%), the National District (8.6%) and Bahoruco (8.4%).

    The survey, which was conducted from 15 August to 18 October 2018, was financed by the United Nations Population Fund, through a sponsorship of the European Union. Also participating were the National Statistics Office (ONE), under the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development (MEPyD).

    RD$50 million to improve conditions of soldiers on the border with Haiti
    The Ministry of Defense (MIDE) signed an agreement with the government fund (Fondo Patrimonial de las Empresas Reformadas – Fonper) for RD$50 million to build and repair military stations on the border with Haiti. Defense Minister, Lieutenant Rubén Darío Paulino Sem and by Fernando Rosa Rosa, president of Fonper signed the agreement at a meeting at the Ministry of Defense on Tuesday, 5 June 2018. The Ministry of Defense received a first disbursement of RD$20 million.

    The plan is to repair and build more than 80 military stations located along the 391 km border with Haiti with the objectives of reducing the vulnerability of the stations, rebuilding access roads and improving living conditions of Dominican soldiers on the border.

    Eat fresh fruits to deal with heat
    The intense heat brought to the Caribbean by the Sahara Dust is suffocating. The Ministry of Public Health urged people to take preventive measures to avoid health problems. The National Weather Office says that the high temperatures will continue.

    In a press release, the Ministry of Public Health recommends consuming fresh fruit, vegetables accompanied by plenty of water. People should avoid consuming heavy, spicy meals, alcoholic beverages, caffeinated or sugary drinks, salty and greasy food.

    The Ministry says that special care needs to be had with pregnant women, small children, the elderly and those who are ill are more sensitive to high temperatures. Typical heat-related conditions can manifest in symptoms such as dizziness, headache, exhaustion, nausea, vomiting etc.

    Ship rescued off north coast of the DR
    On Saturday 2 June, the crew of the cargo ship Jacamar Arrow rescued a family of three from the hull of a capsized sailing yacht in the waters north of the Dominican Republic, as reported in Maritime Executive online news service.

    The survivors were identified as Steve Kopesky, 51; Jessica Kopesky; 41, and their daughter, whose name was not released. They had set sail from the Turks and Caicos Islands to the Dominican Republic aboard their yacht, the Lost Marbles, when it began taking on water and capsized about 22 nautical miles off Montecristi.

    Maritime Executive reported that the family transmitted a Channel 16 VHF distress call, which was received by the bridge team aboard the merchant ship Jacamar Arrow. The Arrow went to the scene of the accident and arrived in port six hours later. Her crew brought the survivors aboard and found them to be in good health.

    Spaniard arrested trying to flee, accused of beating his spouse
    The Attorney General’s office has announced the arrest of Spaniard Fernando Jiménez Baldaño, who is accused of aggravated assault of his ex-wife last Friday, 1 June, in the community of Las Marías, in the municipality of Moca, province of Espaillat.

    Jiménez Baldaño was arrested as he tried to leave the country from Punta Cana International Airport. The action was possible after the National Police acted on a migration alert placed by the Attorney General’s Office at all ports and airports in the country.

    The victim and her children had gone to the Integrated Assistance Unit for Victims of Domestic Violence in Moca where they were offered medical attention and protection and the Attorney General’s office had been notified.

    Jiménez Baldaño will now face legal proceedings.

    DR loses to Netherlands in Volleyball Nations League
    The Dominican Republic lost three contested sets to Netherlands, playing the Volleyball Nations League on their home turf in Rotterdam. The games ended 25-22, 25-21, 25-18. Brayelin Elizabeth Martínez scored 19 points in the defeat. The Dominican Republic is in 13th place in the standings of the tournament, the most important annual championship. The tournament is taking place 15 May to 8 July 2018.

    The DR (ranked 9th in the world by FIVB) is only ahead of Thailand, Belgium and Argentina in the standings. The DR is now playing in pool 13 against Netherlands (ranked 8th), Serbia ranked 3rd) and Italy (ranked 7th) in Rotterdam (Netherlands). The next game is against Serbia on 6 June in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Italy on 7 June.

    The pools for this week are:
    Pool 13 in Rotterdam: Netherlands, Serbia, Italy, Dominican Republic.
    Pool 14 in Jiangmen: China, USA, Russia, Brazil.
    Pool 15 in Nakhon Ratchasima: Thailand, Turkey, Japan, Korea.
    Pool 16 in Bydgoszcz: Poland, Belgium, Germany, Argentina.

    Jazz and blues with Gustavo de Hostos at Hard Rock
    Crooner Gustavo de Hostos will be singing jazz and blues on Thursday, 7 June 2018 at 8pm at the Hard Rock Café Santo Domingo on the 4th floor of Blue Mall. He will be accompanied by Anthony Jefferson and Peter Novelli. General admission is RD$500, VIP seats are RD$1,000 and special guests are RD$2,000 at the door. Tickets are also for sale online at Uepa Tickets, CNN Servicios, Supermercados Nacional and Jumbo. For reservations, call 809 686-7771.
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