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    Default Waterfalls at Jarabacoa

    Hi, I'm living in Santo Domingo and was thinking about taking a trip to the waterfalls in Jarabacoa. Is this a good day trip from SD or do I need longer? Are the waterfalls worth the trip? Do you have to walk a long way to the falls? Is it easily marked or is yet another one of those things you have to really look for? Any info you could give me would be appreciated. If you have other ideas of fun places to go in the mountains I would appreciate that too. Thanks!

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    Default Check out prieto tours.


    I did that trip last May with prieto tours. Since I always rent a car, and since I smoke, I did not want to be stuck on the tour bus. For 99.00 U.S. a person, we met a tour guide at the Hotel Lina, from there he drove my rental with three of us in tow. The deal provided the guide/driver. (I think his name was eddie) He gave us all kinds of info and facts on the way. We stoped where we wanted and when we wanted, that was better than the bus.

    Then we got to rancho biaguete and had a breakfast buffet, we rode horse back for hours to get to the first of the falls, walked up to the falls, took a rest and then headed back to the ranch with the horses.

    Once at the ranch we had a late lunch. Included in the price was the trip to the second waterfall via jeep. However, we had started out so late, and did not want to return so late that we requested to return back to the city.

    The driver drove through rain storms to get us back while I slept in the back seat. I have some photos posted on my web site (gee I am such a horn tooter)! from that same trip.

    I have to tell you the price was great, and it was the best side trip I have ever taken while there. It was a lot of horseback riding and if you dont like to ride than you may want to request all travel via the jeep.

    If you go with the regular tour group the cost is much less.

    Have fun!

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    The biggest falls in Jarabacoa are the Salto de Jimenoa falls. Before you get to Jarabacoa town you will see a sign. Easy to find, just ask. Best to see the falls one day and go river rafting the next. You have to be at least 14 years old for the river rafting.

    Rancho Baiguate is the place to go for river rafting. You may want to overnight as the trips leave at around 9 am. You also have to book the day before.

    If you are not into river rafting, yes you can see the Jimenoa falls in a day trip. Leave real early so you can be back in time to not drive at night.


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