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    Default Dominicanas Got Talent

    I want to give Big Props to my friends, Tuto Guerrero and Gilberto Morrill, for the launching of their talent show franchise, Dominicanas Got Talent.

    They launched the project yesterday, and it will be on local and some international television in March 2019.

    Tuto is the Producer/Director of our upcoming documentary film project, and Gilberto is the preeminent financial executives for film projects in the DR.

    The two of them have been working on this project for a couple of years and secured the franchise last year. What was once a hope and dream will now be a reality. Some Dominican household names will be judges.

    Congrats, Tuto and Gilberto! I wish you guys great success!

    Here is the official launch video embedded in this Instagram link:

    Dominicanas Got Talent
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    If it's as rigged as Master Chef, it won't be worth watching..




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