I have a fine little Honda Gyro for sale. A 1994 model. I am not bright enuff to know how to post a picture here or I would. But it is a three wheeled trike type thing, 50cc. Gets a lot of attention running around.
There are millions of them around the globe, Japan and Philippines for example. I googled it and saw lots and lots of pics when I first saw it for sale.
Lots of them in Central America too. I paid $780USD for it in March and have paid 300 pesos to have the carburetor cleaned when it would not keep running. The mechanic told me it would run better if the gas tank was almost full! But it does run better after getting the carb cleaned. The windshield has been cut down by hand, because it is so damaged one cannot see thru it, have to look over the top of it.
I can send pics by email. Just send me your email address by PM if interested. It is located in Puerto Plata. Can be had for only $650 USD or 32,500 pesos RD.